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Travel bans aren’t answer to stopping new COVID variant Omicron
NSW new public health alert – cases identified on international flight
Nine countries designated very high risk
First UK cases of Omicron variant identified
New public health rules for overseas travellers to Victoria
NSW Government takes precautionary steps in response to Omicron variant
Additional border security measures to protect Australians from new ‘Omicron’ Covid variant
Proclamation on Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants of Certain Additional Persons Who Pose Risk of Transmitting
Oral Statement on B.1.1.529 variant
New members of UNESCO’s IPDC Council and Bureau elected to support media development worldwide
Six African countries added to red list to protect public health as UK designates new Variant under Investigation
UNESCO General Conference Endorses Windhoek +30 Declaration
UNAIDS calls for greater and sustained funding commitments to support its work
Why drinking water needs monitoring for HIV drugs
COP26: More than expected, less than hoped
Joining High-Level Panel for Sustainable Ocean Economy
Global Education Ministers Conference, towards shared action plan to counter hate speech
UK Emergency Medical Team deployed to Papua New Guinea
Net zero policies are ’emperor’s new clothes’, academics warn
UK Emergency Medical Team provides Covid support and training to health workers in Malawi
History of anti-apartheid activism in Nottinghamshire
In Dialogue with Germany, Human Rights Committee Commends Solidarity
Partnering to strengthen community engagement in HIV and Covid responses in Namibia
UNESCO Director-General welcomes recognition of crucial role of journalists by Nobel Peace Prize
IDUAI 2021: An urgent need to expand access to information laws and their effective implementation worldwide
Time to Recognize Reality of Israeli Apartheid & Persecution
UNESCO sets out to strengthen resilience of African archives
Minister of Foreign Affairs makes three diplomatic appointments 30 September
Uruguay to host 2022 World Press Freedom Day Conference
Infected zebra most likely causes death of three cheetahs
Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Pershing’s Travel to South Africa, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo
First reported case of anthrax in wildlife in Namib Desert
Partnering to get back on track to end AIDS by 2030
Drought in south-western Angola drives severe hunger
Guatemala to benefit from lifeline for some world’s most precious biodiverse habitats
Madagascar to benefit from lifeline for some world’s most precious biodiverse habitats
Honduras to benefit from lifeline for some world’s most precious biodiverse habitats
Lifeline for some world’s most precious biodiverse habitats announced
Are pulsars source of galactic cosmic rays?
Cochlear finds new markets in sub-Saharan Africa
Cricket Australia congratulates match officials on milestone appointments
Mystery of flexible shell
European Union supports marginalised communities in Namibia through Cash-Based Transfers
New UK Commonwealth Envoy announced
Normal to above-normal rainfall forecast for much of southern Africa
New Geology articles published online ahead of print in August
Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 64th session UK statement on space and sustainable development
OPCW and VERIFIN support development of analytical chemistry skills in developing countries