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New Therapeutic Drug for Alzheimer’s Disease without Inflammatory Side Effects
New therapeutic drug for Alzheimer’s without inflammatory side effects
Genes involved in heart disease are similar across all populations
Genetics weigh heavy on childhood cancer survivors’ risk of developing obesity
Blood test could predict future risk of leukaemia
Poziotinib is active in EGFR exon 20 mutant non-small cell lung cancer with efficacy highly dependent on insertion location
Researcher Receives Prestigious International Award
Dissolving implantable device relieves pain without drugs
Study shows that Genomic Tumor Profiling of Pediatric Tumors Can Enhance Clinical Care
Research reveals that genomic tumor profiling of pediatric tumors can enhance clinical care
Genetic Screening Algorithm Could Identify People with Kidney Disease Risk
Decade later, some veterans find it hard to breathe
Researchers Identify Brain Circuit for Addiction Remission
Human brain lesions provide lead to brain circuit that could be targeted to treat addiction
Promising Results for Chemo Immunotherapy Combination Against Pancreatic Cancer
Interim statement on hybrid immunity and increasing population seroprevalence rates
Penn Medicine Developed CAR T Cell Therapy Wins Third FDA Approval
Comorbidities can increase plasma biomarker levels linked to Alzheimer’s
Pfizer Granted FDA Fast Track Designation for Ervogastat/Clesacostat Combination for Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis
Tempus and Geisinger find ECG-based AI model can predict undiagnosed structural heart disease
Long COVID poses risks to vaccinated people, too
New study shows genes can predict response to arthritis treatment and paves way for future drug development
Research reveals genes can predict response to arthritis treatment and paves way for future drug development
E-cigarettes may be more effective than nicotine patches in helping pregnant women who smoke quit, and are just as safe
Research unlocks personalised care in type 2 diabetes
Newly developed genetic risk scores could help patients, physicians make health decisions
Covid: Vaccination greatly reduces infectious viral load
New approach for delivery of anti-HIV antibody therapy reveals promise in phase I clinical trial
Magic mushroom compound increases brain connectivity in people with depression after use
Psilocybin Rewires Brain for People with Depression
Tel Aviv University Technology Could Prevent Repeat Heart Valve Surgery
New method of pancreatic islet cryopreservation marks breakthrough for diabetes cure
An artificial-intelligence system shows promise in identifying signs of heart transplant rejection
Axi-cel proves effective as first-line treatment for high-risk lymphoma
Understated ethics, unclear utility
Understated ethics, unclear utility
Research suggests artificial intelligence could help assess, improve heart transplant outcomes
Patients want AI, doctors to work together
New hope for treatment of infant cancer that has puzzled researchers for decades
World Trade Center responders at higher risk for blood cancer-associated mutations
Study defines stem cell groups that drive myelodysplastic syndromes, finds potential targeted therapy option
For cancer patients on immunotherapy, harmful gut bacteria might matter more than helpful ones
Healthy gut microbiome improves success of cancer treatment
Research looks at Moderna Covid vaccine effectiveness
What is impact of chemotherapy on brain?
New medical advances thanks to digital twins
Microbial Compound in Gut Leads to Anxious Behaviors in Mice
Covid infections increase risk of heart conditions up to year later