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ISB Researchers Discover New Metrics for Metabolic Health
Genes Linked to 3 Rare Diseases Discovered
Genetic Origins of 3 Unsolved Rare Diseases Discovered
Dual Immuno-Chemo Pre-Surgery Improves Lung Cancer Outcomes
Outcomes Improved in Lung Cancer Patients with Dual Immunotherapy & Chemotherapy
Gut Bacteria Affects CAR T Therapy in Lymphoma Patients
Gut Microbiome Key to CAR-T Cell Cancer Response
New TB Diagnostic Technique Effective in Communities
Novel Mechanism May Be Effective in Patients With Severe Hypertriglyceridemia and Prior Episodes of Acute Pancreatitis
New Mechanism Effective for Severe Hypertriglyceridemia in Pancreatitis Patients
Long COVID linked to physical inactivity
Variant-Specific Vaccines Offer Better COVID Protection: Study
Genetic test could guide use of cancer chemotherapy
Research: Artificial Sweetener Linked to Heart Attack, Stroke Risk
Local 12: Person ‘Cured’ of HIV, Docs Warn Treatment is Dangerous
Spinal Stimulation May Help Stroke Victims Regain Arm Mobility
Spinal Cord Stimulation Allows Woman To Move Her Arm Again
Arm Mobility Instantly Enhanced by Spinal Cord Stimulation After Stroke
Researchers Urge Rethink of E-Cigarettes for Nicotine Addiction Treatment
HKUMed: 3-4 Doses of CoronaVac Effective vs. Omicron Infection
Promising Results in TNBC Patients from Oncolytic Virus Treatment
HKUMed: 3-4 Doses of Vaccines Effective in Preventing Omicron Infection
Immunotherapy+Targeted Therapy Proves Promising for Colorectal Cancer Patients
Star Constellations: Health, Space Benefit from Mutual Innovation
Hard To Lose’ Mutations In Tumors May Predict Response To Immunotherapy
Hard-to-Lose Mutations Predict Immunotherapy Response in Tumors
Clinical Trials Get High-Tech Makeover with Wearables, AI
Teams Unite to Revolutionize Clinical Trial Monitoring with Wearables, AI
500,000 missed out on blood pressure lowering drugs during pandemic
Nature Medicine Publishes Owkin’s Breakthrough on Histopathology Data
500,000 Missed Out on BP-Lowering Drugs During Pandemic
10-Minute Scan Detects, Treats Most Common High BP Cause
10-Minute Scan Treats Most Common Hypertension Cause
Artificial Pancreas Aids Type 2 Diabetes Patients in Trial
Mapping Genetic Evolution from CLL to Richter’s Syndrome
Novel T cell receptor therapy shows early anti-tumor activity
Novel T Cell Receptor Therapy Effective Against Tumors
Childhood Leukemia: Blueprint for ‘Precision Medicine’ Revealed
‘Precision Medicine Blueprint Created for Childhood Leukemia’
Study identifies four major subtypes of long COVID
COVID-19 Vaccines, Prior Infection Cut Omicron Transmission
Serotonin 2C receptor associated with obesity and maladaptive behavior
Obesity, Maladaptive Behavior Linked to Serotonin 2C Receptor
Risk of Side Effects from Cancer Immunotherapy Linked to Genetics
UC Study: Diet Ed Improves Health Outcomes
Study: dietary education leads to healthier lives
Scientists Map Genetic Evolution of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia to Richter’s Syndrome
Study Links Molecular Changes to Long COVID Year After Hospitalization