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Protein linked to heart health, disease a potential therapeutic target for dementia
Researchers identify a protein involved in memory loss and inflammation associated with alzheimer
Researcher secures $1.2M to develop MS diagnostic tests
Newly revealed potential treatment target for Alzheimer’s could help with late-stage disease
A new model of Alzheimer’s progression
USC study reveals potential new treatment target for Alzheimer’s disease
ALS: decoding its molecular mechanisms to improve treatment
Cell Reports publishes data supporting importance of ion channel, Kv7.2/7.3 as a target in ALS
Discovery of circadian rhythm gene in mice could lead to breakthroughs
Simple blood test can accurately reveal underlying neurodegeneration
With $30 million in support, Brown launches Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Aging: Clinical trial on potential reversal of epigenetic age using a diet and lifestyle
New Microscopy Method Reaches Deeper into Living Brain
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprising Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprsing Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
Moderate-to-high TV viewing in midlife linked to later cognitive and brain health decline
A complex link between body mass index and Alzheimer’s
Scientists map gene changes underlying brain and cognitive decline in aging
New study on vitamin B₃ as a possible treatment for glaucoma
Study finds low sugar metabolite associates with disability, neurodegeneration in MS
Researchers Uncover How MN1 Overexpression Causes AML
In a cell-eat-cell world calcium ions activate ‘eat-me’ signal in necrotic cells
How mitochondria make cut
Gene therapy in alzheimer’s disease mouse model preserves learning and memory
Advances in Alzheimer’s Disease Reported in New Issue of Brain Connectivity
Chronic attack on aging nervous system
Deciphering link between Iron and Brain Disease
Draining brain’s debris enhances Alzheimer’s therapies in mice
Brain’s waste removal system may offer path to better outcomes in Alzheimer’s therapy
Researchers identify protein produced after stroke that triggers neurodegeneration
Study evaluates biomarker criteria for assessing Alzheimer’s risk
Researchers find cause of degeneration in Lafora disease
Mayo study differentiates what blood-based proteins indicate about brain cell loss
Technique allows mapping of epigenetic information in single cells at scale
Chemists discover how a plaque-fighting protein protects against Alzheimer’s
Artificial intelligence to explore biomolecular world
More control, less energy: UNM engineers develop a new theoretical strategy
Exploring variations in herpes virus symptoms
Researchers discover new gene mechanism underlying neurodegenerative disorders
Researchers identify a potential biomarker for Parkinson’s disease
Nanotechnology could enable test for early Alzheimer’s Disease
International Alzheimer’s clinical trial to test tau drugs
Complement inhibition reverses mental losses after traumatic brain injury in preclinical models
Convincing evidence that type 2 diabetes is associated with increased risk of Parkinson’s
Imaging helps understand empathy loss in dementia
Study offers an explanation for why APOE4 gene enhances Alzheimer’s risk
Weill Neurohub joins with Genentech, Roche to advance neuroscience research
ALS neuron damage reversed with new compound