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Distinctive gut microbiome unrelated to diet may characterise children with autism
Chronic pain might impact how brain processes emotions
Eating for hunger or pleasure involves regulating different brain circuits
Brain’s “memory center” is needed to recognize image sequences, but not single sights
Brain’s ‘memory center’ needed to recognize image sequences but not single sights
‘Feel good’ brain messenger can be willfully controlled
Antagonistic neurons and pain signals
Controlling pruning and strengthening of neuron branches
Impairments found in neurons derived from people with schizophrenia and genetic mutation
Gene Therapy Offers Long-Awaited Hope for Children with Rare, Incurable Disorder
Innovative gene therapy ‘reprograms’ cells to reverse neurological deficiencies
Work like a dream: new anticholinergic drug keeps PTSD flashbacks and nightmares away
Lipidomics research provides clues for drug resistance in schizophrenia
Research ID’s immune cells that sculpt inhibitory neurons, regulate brain wiring
UMass Amherst research pinpoints role of dopamine in songbird’s brain plasticity
A promising new pathway to treating type 2 diabetes
LSL60101 compound reduces neuroinflammation and improves cognition in animal models with Alzheimer’s
Managing attention deficit disorder by training brain
Success in Reversing Dementia in Mice Sets Stage for Human Clinical Trials
Immune system dysfunction can modify association between cannabis use and psychosis
Oncotarget: Prostate cancer and a possible link with schizophrenia
Study shows adaptive brain response to stress, and its absence in people with depression
Fruit fly links sleep problems in autism to glial cells, blood-brain-barrier and serotonin
New drug to halt dementia after multiple head injuries
Protecting intellectual abilities of people at risk for psychosis
Protecting IQ of people at risk for psychosis
Study upgrades one of largest databases of neuronal types
Low blood flow in brain may be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease
Vanderbilt neuroscientists uncover a novel means of interneuronal communication using extracellular vesicles
3D visualization of oxytocin and vasopressin circuits with unprecedented resolution
Researchers get closer to gene therapy that would restore hearing for congenitally deaf
New study shows flies mutant for schizophrenia-associated genes respond well to anti-psychotics
Peptide could allow medical marijuana to relieve pain without side effects
Treatment for Alzheimer found effective in preventing inflammation in orthopedic implants
Brain Research Gets a Boost from Mosquitos
Implanted wireless device triggers mice to form instant bond
Serotonin transporters increase when depression fades, study shows
Brain Wave Recordings Reveal Potential for Individualized Parkinson’s Treatments
Identifying Individual Molecules: NIST Study Suggests How to Build a Better ‘Nanopore’ Biosensor
Why does food smell so good when we’re hungry?
New perspectives for treating psychiatric disorders
Anti-hyperlipidemia drug improves brain connectivity in mouse models of schizophrenia
New experiences enhance learning by resetting key brain circuit
Researchers uncover new information on effects of antidepressants – drugs bind directly to a brain-derived neurotrophic factor
How brain makes sense of touch
Bigger synapse, stronger signals
Size of Connections between Nerve Cells Determines their Signaling Strength
New therapy helps some regain motion lost to spinal injury