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3 Gut Bacteria Linked to Dementia w/ Lewy Bodies Found
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First Trial of GABA/GAD for Young Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Mechanisms Behind Post-Partum Depression Revealed by Researchers
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Psychostimulants: Effect Variation Explored
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Scientists Find Dopamine Difference in Alcohol Use Disorder Patients
Suicide Rates Higher in Areas of Greater Latitude: Study
Brain Processing of Sugar Differs in Obese & Lean Rats
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Hypothalamus-Hippocampus Synapses Linked to Long-Term Change
Columbia Researchers Link Serotonin to Heart Valve Disease
Not just mood swings but premenstrual depression
Snacking on Tree Nuts Tied to Lower Cardiovascular Risk, Serotonin Boost
Drug Reverses Brain Inflammation in Depression: Emory Study
New Test to Diagnose Neurological Diseases: Detecting Dopamine Levels
Gender Difference in Stress Hormone Reaction Observed in Mice
Why Emotional Events Stick in Memory?
Researchers Show Serotonin Can Contribute to Heart Valve Disease
GABA Action Relies on Protein ‘Anchors’
Hallucinogenic Weed Found in Supermarket Spinach
Serotonin 2C receptor associated with obesity and maladaptive behavior
Obesity, Maladaptive Behavior Linked to Serotonin 2C Receptor
UCLA-developed soft brain probe could be boon for depression research
Support Found for Serotonin Deficit in Depression
Gut Microbes Can Boost Motivation to Exercise
Gut Microbes Found to Increase Exercise Motivation: Penn Study
Using Bacterial Toxins to Foster Human Health
Stress hormones could explain rising infections in Norwegian salmon