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COVID Testing of Nursing Home Staff Saves Lives
Efforts Needed to Reduce Salt Intake, Save Lives
Nursing Home Fall Injury Risk Predicted by Models
Dementia top Covid risk factor for seniors in care
Port Stephens Honors 4 Locals on International Women’s Day
GOP Plan to Axe ACA, Cut Medicaid: White House Update
4 Pain Trajectories Found in Nursing Home Residents: Study
Splash-proof Glass Ensures Normal Drinking for All
Research Examines Opioid Theft in Long-Term Care Facilities
Night Nursing Home Staff Undergo Less COVID Testing & Vaccination: Study
How Do Horticultural Activities Affect Brain Activation and Emotion?
Do Sleep Medications Increase Your Chances of Dementia?
Sleep Meds Linked to Increased Dementia Risk
Research Uncovers Possible Hidden Cause of Dementia
Mice Brain Reveals Pleasurable Touch is Skin-Initiated
Advancing Cancer, Memory Disorder Treatment Through Research & Care
Clean Hospitals Cut Antibiotic Resistance, Save Lives
Dementia Doubles Fall Risk in Older Adults: New Study
Vaccination Rates of Nursing Home Staff Tied to COVID Outcomes
UK immunologist shares tips to stay healthy during holidays
Calif. Nursing Homes: Prepared for Wildfire Emergencies?
Part-time Staff Priority Boosts Care Consistency in LTC Facilities
Council living values with gift giving to seniors
PCR Tests for COVID-19 Improved in Accuracy, False Positives Reduced
Advanced practice registered nurses key to improving nursing home care, University of Missouri study finds
“Sandwich generation” study shows challenges of caring for both kids and aging parents
Researchers developing treatment for drug-resistant fungus with $3M-plus grant from National Institutes of Health
Southern Cross Care Tasmania, Where’s Compassion, Integrity and Respect?
Blacktown City launches Knit Bomb to say no to domestic violence
Southern Cross care continues to deliver high-quality care, in spite of financial woes of sector
Backing aged care nurses
Biden Administration Announces Six-Week Campaign to Get More Americans to Its Updated Covid Vaccine Before Year’s End
Assessing food quality in aged care homes
Enrolled Nurses Cut from Understaffed Nursing Homes
Gas supply interruptions update – Central Western NSW
Extreme temperatures take deadly toll on people in Texas prisons, study finds
Psychological First Aid training could help improve care workers’ wellbeing
Retirement living sector ready willing and able for achievable solution
Retirement living sector “ready, willing and able” for ACHIEVABLE SOLUTIONS
Medi-Cal’s long-term care services reach only small portion of seniors, disabled adults
Delivering on Labor’s commitment to put nurses back into nursing homes 24/7
Better Bargaining System will Achieve Wage Growth & Equity for Female Workers
Better Bargaining System will Achieve Wage Growth & Equity for Female Workers
ANMF Welcomes Budget Funding for Health and Aged Care
“Environmental education must form an integral part of a person’s education”
Low death rate, almost no flu but more alcohol-induced deaths in 2021: Australia
Can 3D printed food alleviate age-related malnutrition?
Researchers invented first-ever interactive mouthguard that controls electronic devices by biting