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COSI, Oak Ridge National Lab, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network distribute learning lunchbox STEM kits across Tennessee
Mystery mechanism in small peptide shows big promise for fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Mystery mechanism in small peptide shows big promise for fighting antibiotic-resistance bacteria
Berkeley Lab Researchers to Provide Leadership and Expertise in Net Zero World Action Center
Scientists stress importance of perseverance and flexibility at PPPL’s Young Women’s Conference
MSU helps deliver insights to better characterize nuclear physics and extreme environments of cosmic explosions
DOE’s 40th edition Transportation Energy Data Book monitors U.S. mobility trends, charges up on electric outlook
Self-driving microscopes discover shortcuts to new materials
‘No cost’ way to improve neutron scattering resolution by 500 percent
Supercomputing, neutrons crack code to uranium compound’s signature vibes
Covid research campaign moves from basic science to antiviral drug design
Rice process aims to strip ammonia from wastewater
Physics – Cosmic collisions revealed
Fueling up on savings, COVID’s behavior effect, cosmic collisions, seismic and sound, and space-to-ground comms
COVID – Changing behavior
VA, ORNL and Harvard develop novel method to identify complex medical relationships
ORNL neural network study harnesses made-to-order design to pair properties to materials
Lasers trigger magnetism in atomically thin quantum materials
Scientists build microporous MOF traps for mitigating toxic gases
Hydropower – Supply chain crunch
Scientists leverage deep learning to predict physical interactions of protein complexes
Tech transfer – Safer batteries on impact
Hydropower – Supply chain impacts
Simulating Quantum Future
Team simulates collider physics on quantum computer
Infrastructure inequality is challenge to urban sustainability
Andrew Sutton: Exploring carbon sources through fundamental chemistry
Study measuring infrastructure inequity addresses disparities in growing cities
Retro technique advances modern bacterial engineering for bioenergy
ORNL awards $100 million in contracts to local small and minority-owned businesses
David McCollum: Leading effort to build Net Zero World
Environment – Clean water bots
Buildings – Cooking with hydrogen
Materials – Self-sanitizing N95 masks
New perspective highlights promise of hybrid approach for cellulosic biofuel production
CRP Success Towards Standardization of Small Specimen Test Techniques for Fusion Applications
Planet-scale MRI
Forging ahead with Frontier: Ready to crush science
ORNL multimodal study sheds new light on promising photovoltaic material
Salt marsh grass on Georgia’s coast gets nutrients for growth from helpful bacteria in its roots
Could we make cars out of petroleum residue?
Nuclear Reactor Power Levels Can Be Monitored Using Seismic and Acoustic Data
ANSTO scientist awarded Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science by Australian Academy of Science
ANSTO scientist awarded Nancy Millis Medal for Woman in Science by Australian Academy of Science
Bioenergy scientists discover genetic pathway for better biofuel processing
Smithsonian exhibit honors ORNL’s Amy Elliott with life-sized statue recognizing women in STEM
Teri O’Meara: Making splash with coastal ecology
Giant leap toward quantum internet realized with Bell state analyzer