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Optical computing at sub-picosecond speeds developed at Vanderbilt
Connected Moments for Quantum Computing
Manufacturing – Defect detection
Microscopy – Nanoscale commuting
Oscar Martinez: A journey to success and STEM leadership
New engine capability accelerates advanced vehicle research
Physicists Hong Qin and Ahmed Diallo recognized for outstanding research achievements
Six ORNL scientists receive Distinguished Inventor honor
Stronger Cobalt for Fuel Cells
Righting a wrong, nuclear physicists improve precision of neutrino studies
A cool advance in thermoelectric conversion
Tresa Pollock’s research group has made a defect-resistant superalloy that can be 3D-printed
MIT uses neutrons in drive to improve supercapacitors
Titanium Atom That Exists in Two Places at Once in Crystal to Blame for Unusual Phenomenon
Second round of 2020 public-private partnership awards announced by INFUSE fusion program
ORNL’s californium-252 will play pivotal role in new reactor startups
Radiation – Video game visualization
ORNL’s Jeff Johnson receives ANS lifetime achievement award
ORNL joins effort to make plastic more recyclable
Researchers develop a computer model to optimize vaccinations
Scientists investigate solutions for building cell membrane defense against COVID-19
Scientist who developed quantum computing code wins ORNL’s top science award
Team preparing for billion-dollar telescope shortlisted for Nobel Prize of supercomputing
World’s Smallest Atom-Memory Unit Created
Scientists defy nature to make insta-bling at room temperature
Scientists make insta-bling at room temperature
Small business partners honored in ORNL awards event
X-ray study explores potential of hepatitis C drugs to treat COVID-19
A Bridge to Quantum Revolution
DOE announces five new energy projects at LLNL
Chuck Kessel: Forging paths for fusion’s future
Study identifies undersea origins of mysterious Love waves, decoding some of Earth’s continuous vibrations
Los Alamos works to make better, more recyclable plastics with new BOTTLE consortium
Take a virtual field trip through tours of ORNL facilities
Study Applies Error-Reducing Methods from Particle Physics to Quantum Computing
Neutrons – Finding order in disorder
Neutrons chart atomic map of COVID-19’s viral replication mechanism
WSU research helps turn pennycress from a weed to bioenergy seed crop
A PROMISE to trace path of individual carbon atoms
COVID-19 Pandemic Sparks 3D Printing Engineering Innovation
Suman Debnath: Applied math, modeling for grid of future
Big Impact: Sandra Davern
Enabling Data-Driven Future of Microscopy
ORNL, VA collaboration proves value of process mining for large, complex datasets
ORNL industry collaboration enables job growth, N95 mask production in Florida
Colorado School of Mines researchers use neutrons to study weld-induced stress relief in renewable energy
National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory Symposium
A river runs through it: Upgrades to Aquatic Ecology Laboratory facilitate mercury research