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ORNL, AMS are looping in commercial companies to advance reactor technology
Hydrogen Offers Promising Future for Long-Haul Trucking Industry
Rich Giannone: Solving puzzles through proteins
Paula Cable-Dunlap: Assembling nuclear mosaic
New microscopy technique of electron distributions and theory unveils a feature that can shape applications of a class of quantum
Ecological Society of America Honors Baylor Environmental Science Researcher with Sustainability Science Award
ORNL-led team recognized for impactful sustainability research
Powerful polymers: ORNL study provides new insights into N95’s COVID-19 filter efficiency
University of Nebraska Medical Center researchers reveal elusive inner workings of antioxidant enzyme with therapeutic potential
Buildings – Concrete on double
Streamlining Process of Materials Discovery
A streamlined approach to determining thermal properties of crystalline solids and alloys
Quantum material’s subtle spin behavior proves theoretical predictions
Research confirms ingredient in household cleaner could improve fusion reactions
Oak Ridge National Laboratory joins ATOM Consortium to Accelerate Drug Discovery
Elevated CO2 levels in atmosphere increase plant carbon uptake but decrease soil carbon storage
Radioactive Molecules May Help Solve Mystery of Missing Antimatter
Kashif Nawaz: Redesigning building equipment for carbon capture and beyond
ORNL meets key FDA milestone for cancer-fighting Ac-225 isotope
Deadly heat waves will be common in South Asia, even at 1.5 degrees of warming
Neutrons reveal unpredicted binding between SARS-CoV-2, hepatitis C antiviral drug
UT-Battelle awards more than $200,000 in grants to 28 nonprofits
Seeing forest and trees: Data provide picture of Earth’s plants and their carbon storage potential
Caroline Nesaraja: Providing nothing but best nuclear data
‘Hinged’ atomic structures open door to next-gen solar power materials
Manufacturing – Multimaterials’ dual approach
Pure promethium: ORNL extracts in-demand isotope from plutonium leftovers
A cousin of table salt could make energy storage faster and safer
Automated chemistry sets new pace for materials discovery
A quantum internet is closer to reality, thanks to this switch
Materials – Quantum building blocks
New Catalyst Makes Styrene Manufacturing Cheaper, Greener
Cory Stuart: Delivering big data from Oklahoma to Azores
After 20 years, physicists find a way to keep track of lost accelerator particles
PNNL deputy associate director to lead ORNL isotopes directorate
Manufacturing – Taking heat
Climate – Permafrost lost
ORNL’s Top 10 Neutron Scattering Achievements of 2020
Perseverance rover, powered by ORNL technology, to touch down on Mars
US Air Force, ORNL launch next-generation global weather forecasting system
Quantum computing enables simulations to unravel mysteries of magnetic materials
ORNL employees recognized with DOE Secretary’s Honor Awards
SPARKZ licenses ORNL technology to speed up rechargeable battery production
Discoveries at Edge of Periodic Table: First Ever Measurements of Einsteinium
Neutrons probe molecular behavior of proposed COVID-19 drug candidates
Team led by PPPL physicist wins major supercomputer time to help develop fusion energy
Hydropower – More than megawatts
ExOne to 3D Print Lightweight Ceramic-Metal Parts Under New License with Oak Ridge National Laboratory