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AstraZeneca aims to transform cancer care with practice-changing data at ASCO 2022
Grateful city recognises 2022 volunteers
Penn Medicine Study Reveals Imaging Approach with Potential to Detect Lung Cancer Earlier, at Cellular Level
“I’m very grateful” – Anne’s story of hope and ovarian cancer
Perception-based nanosensor platform could advance detection of ovarian cancer
Ludwig MSK study modeling tumor evolution reveals vulnerability for cancer prevention and therapy
Investment, action urged to improve access, quality and equity in women’s heart health
World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day: 7 symptoms to take seriously
New GP blood test could help diagnose ovarian cancer faster and more accurately, according to research funded by Wellbeing of Women
INOViQ announces manufacturing agreement with MP Biomedicals
Cancer pioneer Simon Chu’s Ride4Research
Ridner concludes five-year, multi-site trial to assess lymphedema prevention
Could blocking or deleting protein help prevent common oral cancers?
No Club: Bringing Gender Equity to Workplace
Sialylation of epidermal growth factor receptor modulates cell mechanics and enhances invasion
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
MD Anderson receives over $10 million from Break Through Cancer to support collaborative research with leading cancer centers
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute receives $11M to intercept and cure deadly cancers
UH researcher identifies peptide active against certain cancers
New toolkit to engineer safe and efficient therapeutic cells
Researchers identify key characteristics of immune cells in ovarian cancer
Worrying number of cancer patients in UK diagnosed through emergency routes
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
How ovarian cancer defies immunotherapy
Therapies targeting DNA damage response show promising antitumor activity
New CAR T-cell therapy for solid tumors was safe and showed early efficacy
AACR 2022 Special Edition
$2.9 million from Government of Canada for McGill Research
Karen Lu honored by AACR for contributions to cancer research
UNSW researcher receives prestigious NHMRC award
Anti-cancer dream cream shrinks oral tumors
Community health research program offering insight about genetic health risk expands across state
Can Meditation and Mindfulness Help Cancer Patients Thrive?
Potential therapy may boost chemoimmunotherapy response in bladder cancer
Novel therapeutic strategy reveals promise against pancreatic cancer
Antibodies Fight Cancer Too
Surprising diversity of fallopian tube
Program giving people free info about genetic health risks expands across state
Scientists use ultrasound to predict ovarian cancer
New screening tool IDs 95%of stage 1 pancreatic cancer
SGO 2022 Special Edition
Conjugate Therapy Produces Remissions in One-Third of Patients with Drug-Resistant Ovarian Cancer, Study Results Show
HRR mutational status prognostic of survival outcomes in biomarker analysis of NRG oncology trial for women with recurrent
When and how mutant clones expand in normal endometrium
New discovery in bone marrow cancer points to potential drug targets
New insights into how tumors metabolically adapt to their environment may lead to better cancer therapies
Pharmac deal good news for New Zealanders
Endometriosis and ovarian cancer genetically tied