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Children and teens getting spinal surgery don’t need so many opioids
People who have had weight-loss surgery can be at high risk for opioid overdose
NIH scientists identify new brain mechanism involved in impulsive cocaine-seeking in rats
New data-driven simulation model projects national opioid crisis to worsen before it gets better
Rejected minorities turn to risky coping behaviours
Rejected minorities turn to risky coping behaviors
How Pandemic Limited Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment for Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups
Publication of ACMD report into availability and use of naloxone
Flexible treatment at home proves effective
Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs are Putting Millions at Risk, New Study Says
Drug law reform in NSW will save lives: Proposed drug diversion program small step in right direction
B.C. receives exemption to decriminalize possession of some illegal drugs for personal use
Police warn fake tablets can be deadly, South Australia
Five drug-induced deaths per day among Australians in 2020, report finds
Liver transplants from drug overdose deaths rose sharply during Covid pandemic 25 May
Turning X chromosome “off and on again” critical for oocyte development
Experts stress importance of monitoring for post-treatment opioid use in young sarcoma patients
Liver transplants from drug overdose deaths rose sharply during Covid pandemic
Opioid overdose death toll has risen more than 5-fold among Indigenous Americans over past decade
New UCI study finds brain circuit responsible for cocaine withdrawal-induced anxiety and relapse-related behavior
Rutgers and N.J. State Parole Board Receive $3.2 Million Federal Grant to Assist Offenders with Substance Use Disorder
Just over half of Michigan pharmacies offer overdose-fighting naloxone without prescription
Product label changes do not prevent accidental acetaminophen overdoses
Key brain region for substance use disorders now has searchable atlas of distinct cell populations
Drug overdose deaths among adolescents rose exponentially during COVID pandemic
Breathing restored within ten minutes for 80 per cent of overdose patients
MHLP researcher receives $1.3 million to break cycle of intergenerational addiction
Sex Disparities in Covid Risk Among People with Opioid Use Disorder
Canada announces additional funding to four safer supply pilot projects
Patented molecules that counteract effect of most common anticoagulant drug
Opioids, counterfeit pills may contain deadly fentanyl
Syringe program user survey shows ‘stunning’ fentanyl surge
New study relates liquid fructose intake to fatty liver disease
Global trials show drug eases symptoms of chronic cough
Drug overdose mortality rates by race, ethnicity before, during pandemic
How insects can reveal drugs and poisons at crime scenes
Why are Fentanyl Deaths Rising?
New discovery could phase out medications from pig inteestines
Pitt and Saint Joseph’s University Train First Responders to Prevent Opioid-Related Deaths Chronic pain: Would changes in CDC opioid prescribing guidelines help those who have it
Research advances technology of AI assistance for anesthesiologists
Drug importation arrest at Gold Coast
Suicides by drug overdose increased among young people, elderly people, and Black women, despite overall downward tren
Research advances technology of AI assistance for anesthesiologists
Unintentional drug overdose deaths, years of life lost among adolescents, young adults in US
Study links Factors to opioid overdose after initial opioid prescription
Addiction Medicine Consults in Hospital Reduce Deaths in Patients with Substance Use Disorder
Addiction medicine consults help patients with substance use disorder live longer