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Marsden funding helps Otago researchers unlock secrets of ageing
‘Promising’ new way to predict older mums’ pregnancy risks revealed
Postmenopausal women may benefit from estrogen compound research
Clinically significant cataract linked to increased risk of vascular death
UWA and Neuro Vigor announce drug development collaboration
Deterioration of brain cells in Parkinson’s disease is slowed by blocking Bach1 protein, preclinical study shows
Deterioration of brain cells in Parkinson’s disease is slowed by blocking Bach1 protein
Fat cells found to play central role in cognitive decline and neurodegeneration
Protein involved in heart development boosts stem cell strategy for heart repair
Research reveals some benefits of orange juice
Investigating Links Between Maternal Nutrition and Offspring Health
Map of mouse brain metabolism in aging
Antioxidants to prevent Alzheimer’s
Mushroom consumption may lower risk of depression
Scientists deliver nanozymes into epidermis with dissolvable microneedles for rapid hair regeneration
Glycerin is safe, effective in psoriasis model
Wiggling worms suggest link between vitamin B12 and Alzheimer’s
Eating less fat may save your hair
Study links childhood exposure to air pollution and self-harm in later life
Research uncovers new link between long-term arsenic exposure and Type 2 diabetes
Combining Melatonin with Vancomycin Reduces Kidney Failure
Air pollution exposure during pregnancy has long-term impact on children’s health, development
NIH study illuminates origins of lung cancer in never smokers
3D model to study vascular diseases
Stopping dementia in Down syndrome patients
Scientists unveil widespread tumor suppression mechanism that stops cancer progression by interfering with cancer cell metabolism
‘Flushing’ out drug use trends early in Covid pandemic
Distress signal from fat cells prompts heart to shore up defenses against consequences of obesity
Disturbed circadian rhythm may be linked to Alzheimer’s
Phase 1 clinical study finds how stem cells alleviate COPD inflammation in humans
Vaping just once raises oxidative stress levels in nonsmokers, increasing disease risk
MicroRNA network is putative mediator of reductive stress in heart
Muscle Protein That Makes Vertebrates More Fit Linked to Limited Lifespan
Sleep apnea increases risk of sudden death, cardiovascular conditions
Towards more affordable analysis of air pollution
Genome of photosynthetic animals decoded
Urban areas with high levels of air pollution may increase risk of childhood obesity
Powerhouse of cell has self-preservation mechanism
Relationship between chromosomal instability and senescence revealed in fly Drosophila
Methylglyoxal detoxification deficits causes schizophrenia-like behavioral abnormalities
5-minute breathing workout lowers blood pressure as much as exercise, drugs
LSL60101 compound reduces neuroinflammation and improves cognition in animal models with Alzheimer’s
Toxicity of protein involved in Alzheimer’s triggered by a chemical ‘switch’
Differences in human, mouse brain cells have important implications for disease research
Study links sleep apnea in children to increased risk of high blood pressure in teen years
Cognitive care using medicinal plant peptides
Tai chi shows promise for relief of depression and anxiety in stroke survivors
Study of hyperhomocysteinemia in rats elucidates tracks to treating migraine