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Scientists discover innovative approach to make novel lithium-ion battery materials
Strengthening Puerto Rico’s Power Grid
Researchers improve cement with shrimp shell nanoparticles
Scientists improve cement with shrimp shell nanoparticles
Biden- Harris Administration Continues Efforts to Address Growing Wildfire Threat
Washington State Academy of Sciences Adds Six PNNL Researchers
Clean Energy Technologies to Gain Visibility to Potential Business Partners
Little Piece of Washington State Will Blast Into Space Later Today
Longer lasting sodium-ion batteries on horizon
Bacteria for Blastoff: Using Microbes to Make Supercharged New Rocket Fuel
Covid Fattens Up Our Body’s Cells to Fuel Its Viral Takeover
SLAC physicists Natalia Toro and Philip Schuster win DOE’s prestigious E.O. Lawrence Awards
PNNL Scientist Jie Xiao Honored with E.O. Lawrence Award
Agriculture emissions pose risks to health and climate
Nuclear forensics international group to hold 25th anniversary meeting at Livermore
Scientists solve mystery surrounding dielectric properties of unique metal oxide
ARM plans upgrades as it marks 30 years of collecting atmospheric data
Rapid decarbonization of power, transportation sectors key to successful energy transition
Electrolyte additive offers lithium battery performance breakthrough
New artificial enzyme breaks down tough, woody lignin
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Plans Transition to Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Lovato-Farmer Named PNNL General Counsel
Berkeley Lab Researchers to Provide Leadership and Expertise in Net Zero World Action Center
Researchers nail down ‘destination’ for protein that delivers zinc
Size Matters for Speeding Up Nuclear Waste Cleanup
Emerging Hydrogen Storage Technology Could Increase Energy Resilience
Environmental Justice for All
Computer code may help speed up airport security
Rice process aims to strip ammonia from wastewater
Soil Ecosystems Collection Established
Watershed Moment: Key Findings About Potential Drinking Water Contamination
Lignin-based jet fuel packs more power for less pollution
Studying Water in Mountain Air
Smart Lighting Controls Primed for Data Mining
Seeking Energy Frontiers
Senator Cantwell, Science Leaders Help Break Ground on $75 Million Grid Storage Launchpad
Comprehensive Climate Change Research
Lasers Align Electron Spin Behavior in Quantum Materials
Lasers trigger magnetism in atomically thin quantum materials
Community-based Transition from Coal Dependency
Simulating Quantum Future
Layered controls can significantly curb exposure to Covid
Amazon Rainforest Foliage Gases Affect Earth’s Atmosphere
From Steel Mill to DOE Laboratory, Arun Devaraj Seeks Perfection
‘Freeze-Thaw Battery’ Is Adept at Preserving Its Energy
A New “Fitbit” for Fish Spills Secret Life of Fish
Estimates of carbon cycle – vital to predicting climate change – are incorrect
Scavenger nanoparticles could make fuel cell-powered vehicles reality