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Duling Named Associate Lab Director at PNNL
DOE Funds Berkeley Lab’s Joint BioEnergy Institute Again
New Technique Sheds Light on Material Stress Response
Diverse Approach Key to Carbon Removal
Plastic Upcycling to Close Carbon Cycle
Signaling proteins shown to play key role in TB biology
Closing Carbon Cycle With Plastic Upcycling
Cybersecurity Defenders Are Expanding Their AI Toolbox
Cybersecurity Boosts AI Defenses: Expanding Toolbox
Soils’ Carbon Sequestration Enabled by Moisture: OSU Study
Harmful Effects of Long-Term Alcohol Use Documented in Blood Protein Snapshot
Long-Term Alcohol Use Linked to Health Risks: Proteins Reveal
Novel Microscope Aids Battery Design Optimization
New Battery Aims to Integrate Renewables for Grid Resilience
Sodium-Aluminum Battery to Boost Grid Resilience with Renewables
Arctic Sea Ice Recovery Slowed by More Atmospheric Rivers
Lifestyles of fast and slow (bacteria): in wild, most live in slow lane
Sneaker Waves on Pacific Coast Linked to Distant Storms: Study
PNNL Team Wins Award for Radiological Tracking System
Scientists Unveil Least Costly Carbon Capture System to Date
Wettest Winter Storms in Western U.S. Growing Wetter
Cornell to help boost US supply of critical energy minerals
New Process to Create ‘Smart’ Membranes Discovered by Researchers
Electric car sales drive toward cleaner air, less mortality
Biden Administration Announces First-Ever Federal Building Performance Standard, Catalyzes American Innovation to Lower Energy Costs
Big data analysis drives fight against Alzheimer’s
Scalable model makes for more efficient, smarter grid use, researchers report
Tiniest ever ancient seawater pockets revealed
Biofuel on road to energy, cost savings
World will probably warm beyond 1.5-degree limit. But peak warming can be curbed
There’s room for improvement in popular climate-smart agricultural practice, Stanford-led study shows
New study to examine how plants transport water from soil to atmosphere
Novel waste treatment efficiently converts sewage to biogas
Less Platinum, Faster Chemical Reactions
Nano-sized islands open possibilities for application of single-atom catalysts
COVID-Causing Virus in Air Detected with High-Tech Bubbles
Microbial Survivability of Ionizing Radiation on Mars: Considerations for Sample Return
Lightness of Water Vapor Adds Heft to Global Climate Models
Western Wildfires Spark Stronger Storms in Downwind States
Faster-developing, Wetter Hurricanes To Come
Something’s in air: It’s nanoplastic pollution
Improving carbon storage in soils
Carbon-negative homes research earns $2.6 million DOE grant
Simple process extracts valuable magnesium salt from seawater
New report ensures hydropower sustainability amid climate change
Shimek Named Executive Director of Communications and External Engagement at PNNL
UCI and national lab researchers develop cobalt-free cathode for lithium-ion batteries
Mysterious soil virus gene seen for first time