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Making a remarkable material even better
ALPHA collaboration reports first measurements of certain quantum effects in antimatter
LS2 report: innovation to stop protons in their tracks
Physics tool helps track cancer cell diversity
How particle physics could prevent financial fraud
Evolution in Air
ALPHA reports first measurements of certain quantum effects in antimatter
UNE’s Eva Rose Balog publishes two papers on protein polymer research
A Decade of Fusion, Astrophysics and Nanotechnology at PPPL
MoEDAL hunts for dyons
Durham to host new national supercomputer
World’s first proton treatment of a cardiac pathology
Nuclear watchdog sniffs wind at Mawson
Arrokoth close-up reveals how planetary building blocks were constructed
Physicist leading upgrade to ATLAS experiment
Research exploring universe given £3m funding boost
ATLAS releases 13 TeV open data for science education
Analyce Hernandez: uncloaking big mysteries
New quasiparticle unveiled in room temperature semiconductors
Power of going small: Copper oxide subnanoparticle catalysts prove most superior
On way to quantum networks
Acoustic wave fields reveal forces and torques
LHCb sees new hints of odd lepton behaviour
Device splits and recombines superconducting electron pairs
Aqua Energy Closure Update
A New Playbook for Interference
A new schedule for LHC and its successor
A new target to explore unknown
A new target to probe unknown
NA61/SHINE gives neutrino experiments a helping hand
NA61 gives neutrino experiments a helping hand
Plot thickens for a hypothetical “X17” particle
Secret Behind Crystals that Shrink when Heated
LHCf gears up to probe birth of cosmic-ray showers
Beamline for Schools 2019 participants present results
CMS measures Higgs boson’s mass with unprecedented precision
Broadening tunnel vision for future accelerators
Composite Metal Foam Outperforms Aluminum for Use in Aircraft Wings
From cosmic rays to clouds
Tests start of new technology to detect neutrinos
Quantum paradox experiment may lead to more accurate clocks and sensors
Run top quark run
An Elegant Solution to Soft Sensing Challenge
How to tie microscopic knots
Builders fined for illegal works to heritage building
2000 atoms in two places at once
NA62 spots two potential instances of rare particle decay
Scientists develop DNA microcapsules with built-in ion channels