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Prime Minister’s statement on coronavirus 15 January 2021
Unexplained 7-fold variation in euthanasia rates across Netherlands
Recent hedgehog conservation research fills important research gaps on hedgehogs in Anthropocene
Aruba, Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba, Chile, Qatar, Madeira and Azores removed from travel corridor list
Governo Britânico suspende viagens da América do Sul para evitar propagação de novas variantes da COVID-19
Travel from South American destinations, Portugal, Panama and Cape Verde banned to prevent spread of new variant
Unemployment Rates, OECD – Updated 14 January
UN refugee agency calls for ‘new chapter for refugee protection’ across Europe
New book captures stories from across globe
AI algorithms detect diabetic eye disease inconsistently
Canada to assume command of Standing NATO Maritime Group One
As 2020 ends, tourism looks forward with determination
UNWTO launches its first Online Education Committee
Global Tourism Crisis Committee Messaging
Nanoplastics alter intestinal microbiome and threaten human health
Rural Development and Recovery Focus of Executive Training Programme
From Spanish Flu to COVID-19: Tales from healthcare frontline
EMBL Scientific Visitor Programme opens eyes and doors
Artificial intelligence helps scientists develop new general models in ecology
55 most voted players for 2020 FIFA FIFPRO Men’s World XI
Unemployment Rates, OECD – Updated 9 December
IOC-UNESCO and ECO Magazine to publish Special Edition on UN Ocean Decade
Meningococcus B vaccine prevents disease with 79 per cent effectiveness in under 18s
COVID-19 crisis highlights widening regional disparities in healthcare and economy
Monitoring biodiversity and ecosystems in Europe
EuropaBON: MLU and iDiv lead new pan-European project for joint monitoring
Venture with Air competition attracted submissions from four continents – winning team’s software optimises
WHO announces certification programme for trans fat elimination
Mastercard enables Google Pay rollout across Europe
UK to play critical role in building ‘the Claw’ – first ever satellite to remove space junk
European Space Agency formally adopts Ariel, exoplanet explorer
New British Ambassador to Germany
Enhanced COVID-19 Testing and Regulatory Reforms Key to Preserving Benefits of Aviation for Greece
Europe was centre-stage in global spread of coronavirus
Marrickville venue to be shut for COVID breaches
Risk of electromagnetic interference in future medical devices to be addressed by ETERNITY project
Australia announces new High Commissioner to Kenya
Mayo Clinic contributes to diagnostic, therapeutic advance for rare neurodegenerative disorder
British Embassy Lisbon and SEF launch joint campaign on registering for residence
Moles: intersexual and genetically doped
With over 63 million teachers impacted by COVID-19 crisis, on World Teacher’s Day
Improved capital markets can help Portugal build a dynamic business sector and support its COVID-19 recovery
Genetic test identifies patients with invasive lobular breast cancer at high risk of disease recurrence
SKA Project Director’s Update
Modern humans reached westernmost Europe 5,000 years earlier than previously known
UK leads thousands of NATO troops in major exercise off Scottish coast
Food for thought: edible public spaces
ABC flies flag for Australia at International Emmy Awards