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IG Users Undeterred by Warning Screens: Graphic Content Abounds
Brain Structural Diff. in US Kids Linked to Racial Disparities in Adversity
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1/3 US Public Health Workers Feel Threatened by Public During COVID
Comprehensive Overview of U.S. Public Health Workforce Released
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Can neuroimaging reveal roots of psychiatric disorders? Not just yet
Blood Pressure Drug May Treat PTSD: Promising Results
Cardiac Arrest: Damar Hamlin Collapses During MNF, Emergency Response Follows
Veterans heal through power of music
Therapists Use Wristwatch Device to Help PTSD Patients
Research: Group Meditation Reduces US Stress in 17 Years
Brain Stores Fear Memory: Study Finds
Head Trauma, PTSD Linked to Higher Alzheimer’s Risk
Research Finds Dementia Risk Factors Unique to African Ancestry
Trial to explore use of psychedelics for alcohol use disorder
Television interview – Sky News Newsday 20 December
Bionomics reports topline results in PREVAIL study of BNC210
Green social prescribing: time in nature can increase wellbeing
Writing Course Offers Stress Relief Benefits
Dramatic change from pandemic brought on extra stress for moms
Pandemic Stress Hits Mothers Hard
When flight leads to trauma
Spinal cord pain to PTSD: $5.2m in NHMRC grants to target pressing medical conditions
National DFV consultation kicks off in Logan
Genes Linked to Increased Risk of Suicidal Thoughts/Actions
Canada invests $914,911 to support mental health of families with premature children
Healthcare workers in England experience PTSD at twice rate of general public
Scientists reveal how trauma changes brain
Fearlessness can be learned
Immune system irregularities in women with postpartum mood disorders
Scientists identify key brain cells that underlie stress-related behaviors
What stress does to your brain, and what future remedies could look like
Researchers analyze hair to study war trauma among Syrian refugee children
10 minutes of aerobic exercise with exposure therapy reduces PTSD symptoms: study
Fewer PTSD patients survive COVID
Supporting inclusion and belonging of ACT veteran community
Can pharmacotherapies prevent alcohol use disorder in people with PTSD?
Novel device measures nerve activity that may help treatment sepsis and PTSD
Mental health, substance use issues prevalent among nonpsychiatric emergency room patients
Novel device to measure nerve activity for treatment of sepsis, PTSD
Research explored impact of Russian invasion on mental health in Ukraine 2014
From military veteran to Maverick biologist