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Project Raptor seeks participants in research involving service members
Changing narrative around PTSD through Post Traumatic Growth
Aging: Clinical trial on potential reversal of epigenetic age using a diet and lifestyle
Scientists discover brain cells that compete to sustain or suppress traumatic memories
Specialized inhibitory cluster gates plasticity in fear learning
How a dog can change a life
Why TGA should reschedule MDMA and psilocybin for treatment of mental illness
COVID-19 associated with increased mental health issues in children
Covid-19 associated with a marked increase in mental health issues for 11-12 year olds
Health effects of prenatal exposure to 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda
Mines rescue to benefit from new first responder laws
Government backs first responders in PTSD battle
A caregiver’s account of supporting his wife’s recovery from invisible wounds
A caregiver’s account for supporting his wife’s recovery from invisible wounds
Bionomics expands study of BNC210 to include social anxiety disorder
COVID-19 patients from Australian ICUs still reporting symptoms
ICU admission linked to increased risk of future suicide and self-harm
Is PTSD overdiagnosed?
On front line: impact of suicide on health professionals and first responders
More than half of Australians will experience trauma, most before they turn 17
Investigating embattled brain
Researchers identify potential subtype of PTSD
Purpose found, veteran looks to help others
Marshall Government welcomes Royal Commission into Veteran Suicide
Water crisis took toll on Flint adults’ physical, mental health
A world first veterans’ recovery program treats PTSD and substance use issues
A world first veterans’ recovery program treats PTSD and substance use issues at same time 13 April
Frontline Health Workers Across US Faced Unique Stressors During COVID-19
Greens legacy bill to ensure a more inclusive and accessible Aotearoa to be debated in Parliament
Supporting conversion therapy survivors
Historical Data Offers a Glimpse into Mental Health of Adolescents During COVID-19
PTSD and harmful drinking in UK Armed Forces and UK Police Service
Mental health recovery plan backed by £500 million
A world first veterans’ recovery program treats PTSD and substance use issues at same time
Baker Institute survey highlights impact of illicit medical cannabis use in Texas, need to change law
How COVID-19 workplace conditions are impacting nurses’ mental health
Lockdown job success, generous funding helps charity change veterans’ lives
$15 million for development of innovative therapies for mental illness
Three women leading emerging Australian biotech
NHS launches ‘Op Courage’ veterans’ mental health service
National Conversation to highlight “PTSD in an Era of Trauma”
A parental paradox for Black girls in justice system
Veteran founded organisation delivers first assistance dog
Innovative Therapeutic Program Helps Those Living With PTSD
College Students Displaced from Campus Due to COVID-19 Show Worse Psychological Outcomes
Sleep is vital to associating emotion with memory, according to University of Michigan study
Labor will give police resources to do their job and ensure safety is priority
COVID-19 patient survey highlights prevalence of PTSD symptoms