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Veterans’ Office marks one year since establishment
Study Finds That Unit Cohesion May Mitigate Mental Health Issues From Combat Exposure
Nurture trumps nature in determining severity of PTSD symptoms
Appointment of interim National Commissioner welcomed
Troops and veterans one step closer to stronger legal protection
Forensic anthropologist helps police identify unknown victims
Mental health of asylum seekers: A compassionate and trauma-informed approach
Shaken and stirred: relation between stress and alcohol
Does our Brain like risk?
Is our brain prone to overcaution or to underestimating risk?
People with Lower Biological Response to Standard Stress Task Show More PTSD Symptoms After COVID-19 Crisis Began
Veterans and their families seeking help during COVID-19
Government backs first responders battling PTSD
Study highlights risk of mental health disorders in male ex-serving personnel
Survivor harnesses resilience to overcome invisible wounds
COVID-19: long road to recovery
Two new providers of psychiatric assistance dogs to support veterans
Jewish House urges greater use of data in homeless and domestic violence services
Personality traits best suited to stressors of being a paramedic or nurse
Two new providers of psychiatric assistance dogs
Chester release – Practical steps to support veteran mental health
Women and Families Council boosted with skills and expertise
Paramedics also need care
Study finds most important task for a PTSD service dog for veterans is disrupting anxiety
New treatment guidelines to help PTSD sufferers
Research collaborations tackle challenges faced by rural BC residents
From lung scarring to heart damage, COVID-19 may leave lingering marks
Domestic violence perpetrators in defence forces treated as “bad apples”
Local organisations receive funding to support veterans’ health and wellbeing
High-tech mental health support for first responders gets provincial funding boost
Closer Threats Inspire a More Primitive Kind of Fear
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on 28 June
Presidential Message on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day, 2020
Look out for your mates – support available for veteran mental health
Chester release – Look out for your mates – Support available for veteran mental health
Support for Territory Workers: Return to Work Legislation Passes
Cyberbullying linked to various types of post traumatic stress for victims and perpetrators
Support for Territory Workers: Return to Work Legislation Passes
Delivering on Election Promises and Territory Labor Government’s Response to COVID-19
Cutting Youth Crime and Supporting Our Police
Past stressful experiences do not create resilience to future trauma, new study finds
Nurse Researcher Studying Women’s Experiences Giving Birth During COVID-19 Pandemic
$11.5 million in mental health grants to support emergency services workers affected by bushfires
Study shows cannabis temporarily relieves PTSD symptoms
Studies of Brain Activity Aren’t as Useful as Scientists Thought
‘Quake brain’ study could give insight into future effects of COVID-19 crisis
Unexplained cardiac death data
Epigenetics tells story of trauma and recovery