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Help shape Penrith’s Community Engagement Strategy
More than just buildings: Rotman grad pursues social impact in real estate development
Focus on prevention in Burnet Long Covid submission
Diversity in STEM expert panel announced
Canada announces funding for research project to improve Canada’s resilience to flooding
Hollings cancer population researchers identify rapid increase in cervical cancer in millennial women
Are we at pivotal moment in climate emergency?
NT Government Adopts ‘Mob Rule’
UNESCO Member States commit to invest at least 10% of education budget on early childhood education
Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment
Natural Gas Bridge to Net Zero?
Two prominent positions for pioneering academic using ancient languages to inform modern education
Why women buy from women and men buy from women and men
Proposed legislative changes to support building stronger supply chains
What US adults know and believe about polio and bivalent COVID booster
Public views drone strikes with other countries’ support as most legitimate
Michigan local leaders give high marks on state of local democracy while federal outlook remains grim
University of Toronto video series focuses on bigger stories behind our favourite sports
Lake Geneva consumers surveyed as part of study on climate change
2023 Commonwealth Bank John Monash Scholar focused on policy innovation in Australian healthcare
Funding for public policy research
Telehealth is valuable option in cardiovascular care, though challenges remain
Seafood farming’s growth rate has already peaked, and now it’s in decline
Covid Systems Biology Uncovers New Genetic Signatures in Lung and Whole Blood
Nature-positive food systems: climate change safety net
AsiaGlobal Dialogue 2022 – Recovery and Reformation: Asia in Changing Global Economy
Heseltine Institute report calls for new approach to adult skills
How can academia help diversify intelligence community?
“Some Places Will Not Be Livable”
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominee 11 November
New MIT Sloan research on identity cues in social media reveals it’s not just what is said but who says it that matters
Food pantry access worth billions nationally, study finds
Supreme Court abortion decision to be examined at Baker Institute event
Autism researcher elected to Academy
Project fights food waste in tourism
Projects to support NYS economy, farms, communities
Federal Government misses chance to boost skilled labour
Researcher receives prestigious Celebrating Impact Prize
Learning science in hurry
Understanding interrelationships correctly 8 November
Could state-sponsored retirement plans help workers save more
New £4 million Digital Good Network aims to ensure technologies are good for societies
Replace Parliament Prayers with Minute’s Silence: SA Voters
Billionaire emits million times more greenhouse gases than average person
Independent review into Medicare compliance
Climate change could be as deadly as cancer in parts of world according to new data
Can This Government Deliver Fundamental Protections?
Do Electric Scooters Reduce Car Use?