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Position paper on regulation of a geological disposal facility and management of radioactive waste published
Serotonin transporters increase when depression fades, study shows
Kimba community to receive $2 million funding boost
Not just for finding planets: Exoplanet-hunter TESS telescope spots bright gamma-ray burst
Sterile neutrinos may be portal to dark side
‘Disasters know no borders’ says Guterres, 35 years on from Chernobyl nuclear accident
Botswana asteroid likely came from Vesta – one of largest objects in asteroid belt
Lab postdocs selected to participate in Nobel meeting
Scientists address corrosion issues
Possible new PET tracer for early detection of Alzheimer’s
Mars has right ingredients for present-day microbial life beneath its surface, study finds
International research teams explore genetic effects of Chernobyl radiation
Study Sheds Light on Stellar Origin of 60Fe
Demand for rare-earth metals is skyrocketing, so we’re creating a safer, cleaner way to recover them from old phones and laptops
UN experts ‘deeply disappointed’ by decision to discharge Fukushima water
UN experts say deeply disappointed by decision to discharge Fukushima water
Exploiting Bacterial ‘Sweet Tooth’ May Help Image and Diagnose Infections
Air Force reservists a vital part of Lab’s workforce
UN atomic energy agency to work with Japan on Fukushima water disposal
Japanese government’s decision to discharge Fukushima contaminated water ignores human rights and international maritime law
Tracing tumors: targeting and imaging cancer cells
Preseismic Atmospheric Radon Anomaly Associated with 2018 Northern Osaka Earthquake
Paula Cable-Dunlap: Assembling nuclear mosaic
Scientists Create Next Generation of Living Robots
Physicists flip particle accelerator setup to gain a clearer view of atomic nuclei
Decoding “Black Box” of AI to Tackle National Security Concerns
Radioactive Molecules May Help Solve Mystery of Missing Antimatter
ORNL meets key FDA milestone for cancer-fighting Ac-225 isotope
CERN approves two new experiments to transport antimatter
Changes in ocean chemistry show how sea level affects global carbon cycle
Do You Know Way to Berkelium, Californium?
It’s been a massive effort in challenging times
Remote Monitoring System Takes Security to Next Level-the Cloud
New high-performance computing hub aims to harness sun’s energy
Observed in vivo collective movement of nanorobots
Ten-year anniversary of Fukushima observed
World marks 10th anniversary of Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident
Pure promethium: ORNL extracts in-demand isotope from plutonium leftovers
Research identifies a pressure-induced increase in efficiency, phase transition of thermoelectric materials
What are long-term effects of Fukushima disaster on local agronomy?
$15m project to establish whole-body imaging in Australian first
Design contract awarded for Dounreay shaft and silo work
Real-Time Monitoring Tool Speeds Up Advanced Nuclear Reactor Development
An aggressive market-driven model for US fusion power development
NDA innovation competition winners have been announced
Potential for life in lakes isolated beneath Antarctic ice
UniSA researchers targeting a new treatment for pancreatic cancer
Lakes isolated beneath Antarctic ice could be more amenable to life than thought