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Digital Health in COVID-19 Pandemic
$2.66 Million Grant To Support New Risk Analysis System for Renewable Energy Market
Latest $2.5 Million Grant Accelerates Advances in Bioimaging at Rensselaer
Global Survey Underway to Help Ease Supply Chain Strain During COVID-19 Crisis
Unlocking Promising Properties to Create Future Technologies
Lally School of Management Receives Grant to Build New Financial Technologies Center
Environment-Friendly Compound Shows Promise for Solar Cell Use
Unique System for Using UVC Light to Sterilize Masks in Bulk Developed at Rensselaer
New Findings and Approaches Emerge from Remote Investigation
With NSF Support, Engineers Look for New Ways to Optimize PPE During Pandemic
Machine Learning Models Predict COVID-19 Impact in Smaller Cities
Data Visualization Tool Examines Community Factors Underlying COVID-19 Outcomes
Technique Offers Path for Biomanufacturing Medicines During Space Flights
Older Entrepreneurs as Successful as Their Younger Counterparts, Study Reveals
Mechanical Engineers Develop Tumor Model that More Closely Mimics Body
Artificial Intelligence Can Help Some Businesses But May Not Work For Others
Advanced “Super-Planckian” Material Exhibits LED-Like Light When Heated
Rensselaer Offers AiMOS Supercomputing Capabilities to Battle COVID-19
Studying Water’s Flow Will Help Preserve Access to Life-Sustaining Resource
Immersive Civil Engineering Game to Be Used Across Country
Virtual Bariatric Endoscopic Training Tool Being Developed To Improve Patient Safety
New Imaging Technique Enables Study of 3D Printed Brain Tumors
Potassium Metal Battery Emerges as a Rival to Lithium-Ion Technology
Unique Material Could Unlock New Functionality in Semiconductors
Sheet Music May Be an Effective Guide For Understanding Human Brain Activity
With $3 Million NIH Grant Renewal, Mariana Figueiro Pushes Frontiers of Light Therapy
Water-Conducting Membrane Allows Carbon Dioxide To Transform into Fuel More Efficiently
Engineering a Better World Using Mirrors, Sun, and Steam
Novel Compound is Promising Drug Candidate for Alzheimer’s Disease
Technology Used in Space Experiments Could Reveal Key Information about Human Health
Rensselaer Announces New Degree Program in Biological Neuroscience
Some Online Shoppers Willing to Try New Systems, But Wary of Workplace Delivery
Project Aims to Improve Efficiency of Evaporation and Condensation in Critical Processes
Refueling Satellites in Space, With Help of a Robot
Structurally Designed DNA Star Creates Ultra-Sensitive Test for Dengue Virus
New Technique Aims to Improve Imaging of Cells
Investigation of Oceanic “Black Carbon” Uncovers Mystery in Global Carbon Cycle
Research Aims To Make Technologies for Controlling Blood Sugar More Accessible
Online Gamers Provide Real-World Lessons in Critical Teamwork
Atomic-Level Analysis of Bone Aims to Predict and Lessen Fractures in Diabetics
Four Decades of Data Sounds Early Warning on Lake George
Polymerized Estrogen Shown to Protect Nervous System Cells
Protein Movement in Cells Hints at Greater Mysteries
Big Data Technique Reveals Previously Unknown Capabilities of Common Materials
Uncovering Mechanisms Behind Magnetogenetics Could Advance Biomanufacturing
A Lego-Like Approach to Improve Nature’s Own Ability to Kill Dangerous Bacteria
Greater Understanding of Tumor Cell Biomechanics Could Lead to Improved Treatment
Tetris Gameplay Reveals Complex Cognitive Skills