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Research: Unusually High Spike in RSV Hospitalizations Late 2021
Primary Care Visit Length Tied to Inappropriate Prescribing
Childhood Respiratory Disease Tied to Higher Adult Mortality
Respiratory Infections in Childhood Linked to Higher Adult Mortality
Early Childhood Respiratory Disease Linked to Adult Death Risk
High-Flow Nasal Cannula Linked to Longer Stays, Higher Costs
CAS Researchers Suggest Quick ID, Drug Resistance Test for Respiratory Pathogens
Highly Effective Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Found for Early Covid Treatment
No TB Vaccine Protects Elderly From COVID-19
Kids’ Exercise Linked to Lower Risk of Respiratory Infections
Global study presents first results on longer-term effects of therapies for treatment of critically ill patients with Covid
Vaccines’ real-world effectiveness studied with $12.5M grant from CDC
Physician, heal thyself?
Scientists uncover biological explanation behind why upper respiratory tract infections are more common
High Air Pollution Level is Creating Physical and Mental Health Hazards in Bangladesh: World Bank
Research done in São Paulo state hospital detects measles antibodies in only 75% of under-fifteens
Lee to lead pulmonary, critical care division
Genes that control earliest social behaviors may hold key to understanding autism
Thick and sticky bacteria are more resistant to antibiotics, leading to high patient mortality
Beyfortus approved in EU for prevention of RSV lower respiratory tract disease in infants
Machine learning enables ‘almost perfect’ diagnosis of elusive global killer
TGA provisionally approves Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years old
Tezspire approved in Japan for treatment of severe asthma
Ultomiris approved in Europe for treatment of adults with generalised myasthenia gravis
Tezspire approved in EU for treatment of severe asthma
Beyfortus recommended for approval in EU by CHMP for prevention of RSV lower respiratory tract disease in infants
Two new trials find no link between vitamin D supplements and reduced risk of Covid
Psychological distress before Covid infection increases risk of long COVID
NIH-funded pediatric Covid testing study finds school-aged children can self-swab
Novel Coronaviruses Are Riskiest for Spillover
Research demonstrates clinical and financial impact of patient exposure to ill healthcare worker
Covid mRNA vaccines are safe in pregnancy, large study confirms
Fatigue, headache among top lingering symptoms months after COVID
Tezspire recommended for approval in EU by CHMP for treatment of severe asthma
Ultomiris recommended for approval in EU by CHMP for treatment of adults with generalised myasthenia gravis
Study confirms ED cases spike after Australian bushfires
Support Us to Support You to Stay Well this Winter
For Covid, endemic stage could be two years away
Speech by Sir Patrick Vallance at Policy that Works 2022
Children who had bronchitlinked to adult lung problem
Pfizer Completes Acquisition of ReViral
Covid increases risk of psychiatric diagnoses in months after infection, OSU study finds
Inhaled antibiotics could help reduce antimicrobial resistance
Pfizer to Acquire ReViral and Its Respiratory Syncytial Virus Therapeutic Candidates
Combination nasal spray Ryaltris now approved for Australian children aged six years and older with hay fever or other year-round
Study to test anti-viral effects of Lactoferrin
Covid Increases risk of type 2 diabetes
Scientists find direct links between deforestation and reduced dietary quality