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Study to determine cyclosporine’s role in treating hospitalized COVID-19 patients
Link Between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Disease in Individuals with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Metabolic signaling plays a crucial role in regulating specialized
COVID-19 survival among elderly patients could be improved by arthritis drug
Baricitinib treatment linked to reduced mortality in COVID-19 patients
Antibodies – for better or worse
Analysis Reveals High Burden of Musculoskeletal Disorders Across Globe
Cancer treatment could be replicated for COVID-19
Research advances understanding of life-threatening lung inflammation following flu
Hydroxychloroquine fails to prevent COVID-19
Rockefeller issues license for development of novel anti-inflammatory drug
Immune modulator drugs for COVID-19 focus of major NIH clinical trial
First reported UK case of sudden permanent hearing loss linked to COVID-19
Physical Activity and Sleep in Adults with Arthritis
Genetic Analysis Links Obesity to Higher Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk
New committee members to advise City on access and inclusion
Mayo scientists develop mathematical index to distinguish healthy microbiome from diseased
Catalyst Fund selects six projects in its 2020 funding round
Bioengineer awarded $2.3 million to improve autoimmune disease diagnosis, treatment
Links between arthritis therapy and heart disease improvements
Scientist unveils a 3D printed device to excite nerves
Scientist unveils a 3D printer-housed medical device
Immune Protein IL-17A Responsible for Lethal Side Effects of Gastric Cancer
International project seeks to improve cancer-fighting therapeutics
Using hydroxychloroquine with common antibiotic increases cardiovascular risk
New study: Hydroxychloroquine ineffective as preventive antiviral against COVID-19
People with autoimmune diseases: keep taking your meds during pandemic
Change isn’t a good thing for Japanese rheumatoid arthritis patients
Pregnant mother’s immunity tied to behavioral, emotional challenges for kids with autism
TGI initiates a randomised Control trial of Hydroxychloroquine for Health Care Workers exposed to COVID
Breakthrough led by researchers provides new potential therapies for osteoporosis
RACGP reiterates warning on hydroxychloroquine
Christchurch researchers secure lion’s share of almost $1million in funding
Why you shouldn’t go looking for COVID-19 medicines
Approved drug reduces ventilator time for patients with severe COVID
Anti-inflammatory drugs lower risk of infection
Seizures of medications linked to pandemic on rise
UTA examines antimalarial drugs to treat COVID-19
Gene variations at birth
Drug target for aggressive breast cancer found
Controlling inflammation in COVID-19 patients may lessen severity of novel coronavirus
Partnership to progress treatments for Sjogren’s syndrome
Top UK organisations release annual statistics for use of animals in research 16 July
Novel cells might act as a warning sign for rheumatoid arthritis flares
Drug that calms ‘cytokine storm’ linked to lower risk of death among COVID-19 patients on ventilators
Total-Body PET/CT Captures Full Picture of Systemic Inflammatory Arthritis
Could a fibre-rich diet help to treat arthritis?
Fat check: Researchers find explanation for stress’ damage in brown fat