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Last ice-covered parts of summertime Arctic Ocean vulnerable to climate change
Physicist from USA studies ozone in Tomsk
Pulse of Dead Sea
Change of plans sees Highway Guardian emerge and lifelong friendship forged
LLNL and KCNSC team up to accelerate design-to-deployment with new polymer production enclave
Deforestation only ‘displaced’ under community monitoring schemes
Space researcher joins national media program
Satellites track “bog breathing” to help monitor peatlands
China’s carbon-monitoring satellite reports global carbon net of six gigatons
Developing machine learning tools for soil moisture data
Around Air Force: Recruiting Diversity, Airmen Aid Flood Victims and Record-Breaking Satellite
Astronomers make first clear detection of moon-forming disc around an exoplanet
An exoplanet with potential to form moons
Large tidal stream observed in Sombrero galaxy
Best of Both Breeds: UConn Researchers Studying Best Feeding Practices for Crossbred Calves
Tasmania set to become centre for space tracking research in Australia
Origin of bifurcated current sheets explained
JMA hosts dedicated portal for Tokyo Olympics
Spectrum management key to ensuring Africa-wide connectivity
New sunspot catalog to improve space weather predictions
Remote sensing techniques help treat and manage hollow forests
Understanding physics in new metals
Billionaires space race could help our planet
New long-term satellite analysis reveals “plum” rainy season wetter now than ever before
Private-public partnership helps to evaluate satellite observations of atmospheric CO2 over oceans
Researchers Develop High-performance and Compact Coherent Population Trapping Atomic Clock
Skoltech method helps train computer vision algorithms on limited data
MQ-9 Agile Combat Employment: big step closer to reality
Launch WHO guidelines for management of symptomatic sexually transmitted infections
£1.2 million fund will help UK make space safer
U.S.-Russia statement Addressing Climate Challenge
Teardrop star en route to becoming supernova
Queensland’s space race takes flight
New system for tracking macaws emphasizes species’ conservation needs
ITU Telecom celebrates its 50th anniversary
Flash flood guidance system includes snow hydrology
Airbus adds Clearbox Systems to Team Maier for Australian next-generation military satellite communications
Galactic gamma ray bursts predicted last year show up right on schedule
Scientists find that most nitrogen in Gulf of Mexico comes from coastal waters
Winds and geography shape zigzag migration of Eleonora’s falcons between Canary Islands and Madagascar
Stellar Siblings: NASA and USQ discover four alien worlds
NASA Launches Entrepreneurs Challenge to Identify Innovative Ideas
Teardrop star reveals hidden supernova doom
Supporting over 290 ongoing Jobs through a Public Transport Tender
UK seeks election to UN telecoms agency’s council
Remote weather stations will provide ships with realtime offshore weather data
LSHTM launches new centre of innovation to tackle antimicrobial resistance and tuberculosis
Kimberley weather services receive boost with upgraded Broome radar