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Semaglutide Use Improves Cardiovascular Risk Score in Overweight Patients
One in Five People Unaware of Dangerous Snoring Problem
Popular Obesity Treatment Reveals Cancer-Killing Benefits: Maynooth Study
Risks of nightly variation in sleep apnoea
Pre-School Ear, Nose, and Throat Issues Linked to Autism Risk
Preschool Ear, Nose, and Throat Issues Tied to Autism Risk
Daytime Napping Linked to Higher Heart Rhythm Risk
Sleep problems increase stroke risk
New Drug Brings Hope to Heart Failure Patients
MRFF provides $31 million boost to UQ research
Improving Indigenous health with good night’s sleep
Remote Patient Reporting May Cut Outpatient Wait Times
Volunteers needed to help unravel sleep problems
HKU Dentistry: 50%+ Cured With Jaw Surgery for Sleep Apnea
Leave it or treat it? Orthodontic issues in early mixed dentition
UNSW academics awarded $2.4m by NHMRC to commercialise innovative research
Could nasal spray treat sleep apnoea?
Can nasal spray treat sleep apnea?
Flinders gets set for Australia’s Sleep Revolution
Interdisciplinary guidelines to optimize treatment of childhood arthritis at global level
UQ study explains link between sleep apnoea and dementia
Research explains link between sleep apnea and dementia
Poor quality sleep may be linked to heightened risk of irreversible sight loss
Promising medication for sleep apnoea
Promising medication for sleep apnea
Coffee drinking is associated with increased longevity
Good sleepers have lower risk of heart disease and stroke
Philips Electronics Australia Ltd fined $133,200 for alleged breaches of therapeutic goods legislation
Sleep relief for lung disease
Treating sleep apnoea can improve memory in people with cognitive decline
Why people with sleep apnoea develop high blood pressure and diabetes
Using BMI to measure your health is nonsense
Around three quarters of total obesity costs to US healthcare system among people living with obesity are accounted for by 20%
Cases of atrial fibrillation are at all-time high
Link between dementia and atrial fibrillation
How to kick those COVID kilos for good
World Sleep Day: fascinating and complex world of dental sleep medicine
Exports to USA show success of New Zealand’s emerging high-tech sector
Estimated 2.6 m Americans prescribed opioids also on various other sedatives
Go8 renews call for collaboration premium for life saving clinical trials
New course to put dentists on frontline in managing sleep issues
Sleep apnea wakeup call
Common sleep disorder combo could be deadly
We need better medical standards
While Many Retailers Closed Shop, Adjustable Bed Company SLEEPHIVE Opens their First Retail Store in Campbelltown
Silent sleep danger for smokers uncovered in world-first study
Improved care for common heart condition
Snooze for science and help find therapy for sleep apnoea