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Alcohol Dependency in Adolescence Linked to Later Depression Risk, Not Consumption
Adolescent Alcohol Dependency Linked to Later Depression Risk, Study Shows
Women key to inclusive peace: UN
How can we break racial bias in labour market?
USDA and Purdue aim to double climate-smart Corn Belt ag impact
Officials and Experts Meet in Kazakhstan to Discuss Data-Driven Policymaking in Central Asia
Research Shows Social Conformity Spreads Faster Than Pandemic Virus
WFP, Cambodian Partner Launch $3M Project to Support Smallholder Farmers
Research on lives of lesbians in southwest Germany
COVID-19 Mask Compliance Influences In-Store Behavior of Chinese Shoppers
Bribery Biases Fuel Corruption in Some Nations
Tackling psychology of poaching
Wrestling with Ethics of Brain-Computer Interfaces: Future Is Now
Council of Europe Conference: Men and Boys’ Role in Stopping Violence against Women
USAID Administrator Samantha Power announces GROW commitment
USAID, Gates Foundation Launch Women in Digital Economy Fund Call for Partners
FAO: Gender Inequalities in Food & Agriculture Costing World $1 Trillion
New FAO Report: Women’s Equality in Agrifood Systems Can Boost Global Economy by $1 Trillion, Reduce Food Insecurity by 45M
Key to Supporting Change: Understanding Community’s Shared Vision for Public Health
Gossip influences who gets ahead in different cultures
Culture Influences Gossip’s Impact on Advancement
Hard-Right Social Media Linked to Civil Unrest: Study
Attitude adjustment needed on gendered violence
UN Women Reaffirms Tech, Innovation, Education for Gender Equality
Beyond bodice-ripping
UN in Mexico Urges Elimination of Gaps for Girls’ Digital Access
UN Agencies: Bridging Digital Gender Divide Vital for Rural Womens Potential on Intl. Womens Day 2023
UN Agencies: Bridging Digital Gender Divide Vital for Women in Rural Areas on International Women’s Day 2023
UN Agencies: Bridging digital gender divide vital for rural womens potential on International Womens Day 2023
Digital Gender Divide Hampers Asia-Pacific’s Female Talent
Defiant push for digital equality
Invest in Rural Resilience, IFAD President Urges Germany
Civil Society Aids Women Trauma in Turkey After Quake
Young People Struggle with COVID Hangover Effects: Carinity
Earth’s poorest pay highest price for human-wildlife conflict
Parents Help Grown Kids Adjust to Working Life: Study
Parents Serve as Safety Net for Grown Kids in Workforce
‘When’s Optimal Time to Claim Social Security?’
Book Explores Canadian Climate Policy Through Law and Institutions
New Model Predicts Smartphone Use in Church: Baylor Researchers
Sporting tips for parents and preschoolers
Algorithms for Hiring: Reducing Bias?
Algorithms That Adjust for Worker Race, Gender Still Show Biases
Malaysia Uni Students’ COVID-19 Vaccine Intentions: Study
Guterres: 4.2M Girls At Risk of FGM, Men Must Speak Out
Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation: Int’l Day Observed
HKUST: Natural Talent More Valued Than Hard Work in Childhood
Urgent Action Needed to End FGM by 2030: UNICEF