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Untold History of Horse in American Plains
Research Explores Horse Presence Origins in North America
Indigenous Knowledge Key to Landmark Study on Horses in American West
Indigenous Cultures Adopted Spanish-Origin Horses Pre-European Arrival in Great Plains and Rockies
Exhaustive Study Probes Hidden History of Horses in American West
AI & Human Rights Course Now in 20 New Languages
UAB Leads Spanish Universities in European Patent Applications
New Therapy Overcomes Chemotherapy Resistance in Colon and Rectal Cancer
Pilot Study Shows Drones Map Pedestrian Behavior in Santiago
Scientists Develop Mouse Avatars for Multiple Myeloma Treatment
CNIO Researchers Unravel Function of Protein Creating DNA Loops in Human Genome
Radar and AI Detect Burial Site of Alaska Native Spanish Flu Victims
UK Researcher Preserves WWI Collective Memory by Women
How ancestors of today’s marine fishes conquered oceans
Committee Experts Commend Morocco’s Migration Policy, Raise Concerns on Child Migrants & Border Police Treatment
Protection of Migrant Workers Committee Begins 36th Session, Meets Civil Society
Research examines origin of horses in North America
New Plant Species Named After Don Quixote, Found in La Mancha, Spain
German version of International Chemical Safety Cards now available
New book examines impact of European arrival on Mexico
EU-U.S. Joint Naval Exercise
Coding for health equity
New Vision Transforms Mildura CBD with Feast Street
Autism Rates in California Continue to Increase
Autism Prevalence Up in 11 US Areas: CDC
MIT Launches African & Diaspora Studies Major
Research Narrows Risks of Seasonal Time Change
WHO to Host Global Meeting on Skin NTDs, Hundreds Expected
Spain, IEA to Host Summit to Reach 1.5ºC Goal in Oct
Non-native plants climbing Australian Alps
Worlds Collide: Art history and materials science in Yucatán
Childhood Obesity Linked to Prenatal Pollutant Exposure Varies by Mom’s Diet
Turk Briefs UN Human Rights Council on Venezuela Crisis
Researchers Uncover Genes Regulating Alzheimer Protein Toxicity
Project to develop new precision antibiotics launched
Madama Butterfly Returns to Sydney Harbour Stage
Creating flood safety advice for diverse communities
Workers, Bosses Must Trust Teleworking: Key to Success
Scientists Discover Key To Beating Lung Cancer: Sotorasib
Sport Stadiums: Societal, Cultural Hubs
CommBank Matildas fans – Gold Standard
Spain to Lead World in Hunger, Poverty Fight: IFAD President
€1.2m for 300 Dismissed Spanish Workers from EC’s Globalisation Fund
Tasting Culture: Exploring Histories, Identities and Diversity
Bayside Harmony Day
One Nurse’s Turning Grief Into Purpose
Africa’s Youth Boost Climate Resilience Through Innovation
Macquarie, MAPFRE Buy London Office Property in Square Mile