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Innovative Thawing Method Improves Swimming Quality of Frozen Frog Sperm
Researchers Discover Crucial Protein for Sperm Maturation
Non-genetic disease inheritance – reading between genes
Yellow Crazy Ants: New Reproduction Mode Produces Chimeric Males
Age-Related Changes in Human Sperm Epigenome Found
Protein Linked to Streamlined Sperm May Lead to Male Contraceptives
Toothed Whales’ Voices Revealed By Unique Nasal Structure
QLD to Protect Donor-Conceived Peoples’ Right to Know Genealogy
Reburial of Sperm Whale Planned by DOC NZ
Men May Soon Have On-Demand, Short-Term Contraception Option
No cap removal, no fertilization
Back to school: Our first Coral IVF babies turn five
No Fertilizer, No Tree Topping
Genes Behind Whale’s Gigantic Size Revealed by Marine Biologists
Kids Ask: How is a Baby Created?
How germ cells cut cord from their parents
World-first trial for new male contraceptive
Germline-specific Regulator of Mitochondrial Fusion Required for Maintenance and Differentiation of Germline Stem and Progenitor
Male contraceptive implanted at Epworth Freemasons in world first
Recipe for creating new plant from single differentiated cell
Mutations in CCIN cause teratozoospermia and male infertility
Smaller eggs enhance IVF outcomes for male infertility in mice
Nail sale day with these tips for top sires
Pollination by Crustaceans
New development for hormone-free male contraceptive pill
Curious kids: why don’t whales have teeth like we do?
What are ‘Alien-like’ creatures washed up on Aussie beaches?
Architecture of tail drives sperm forward
Three steps to buy better bulls
Dynamic rearrangement and autophagic degradation of mitochondria during plant spermiogenesis
Previously Unknown Dolphin Species Was Present in Switzerland
Mouse stem cells for primitive endoderm established
New micro device injects boost to IVF success
How Nature Compels Us to Overeat
Asthma, allergy risk may be higher for children conceived with infertility treatment
Functional rat germ cells, produced from stem cells in vitro, enable birth of offspring
Are some sex lubricants really “sperm-friendly”?
Darwinian theory of gradual process explained in new research
Queensland Government acts to protect rights of donor-conceived people
Stranded pygmy whale euthanised humanely at Paraparaumu Beach
Physics of cilia explain sperm’s successful swimming
First tarantula to live in bamboo stalks in Thailand
Successful fertilization requires careful coordination of chromosomes
Whale stranding at Mahia Peninsula
Virus disrupts sex routines of roundworms
What is coral spawning?
Making Starting Or Building Family Fairer For All Victorians
Experimentally reconstructing reorganization of chromosomal DNA during mitosis