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Dana-Farber scientists solve long-debated puzzle of how intestine heals itself
Controversy Swirls Around Adipose-Derived Cell Therapies for Reparative Medicine
Researchers Build a Better Lung Model
Gene therapy can protect against ALS and SMA-related cell death
Honour for outstanding contribution to understanding genes controlling kidney
Inheritance of epigenetic marks
Defining niche characteristics
When Ideology Trumps Science
Connecting energy metabolism to intestinal stem cell fate
Micro-RNAs Keep Stem Cells From Growing Up Too Fast
Mechanism may have therapeutic bone healing applications
Making of a Root
A Freiburg research team deciphers how stem cells decide their identity
Automated technique helps identify cancer cell metabolism inhibitors
ERC Starting Grant for Roxanne Kieltyka: stem cells in gels
Lymphatic system found to play key role in hair regeneration
Milk from Teeth: Dental Stem Cells Can Generate Milk-Producing Cells
A highly biocompatible and intravenous injectable hafnium oxide nanocrystal synthesized to enhance radiaotherapy efficacy for cancer treatment
QIMR Berghofer researcher appointed to Stem Cell Advisory Panel
Study: Stem cells can repair damaged heart