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New model to increase contact possibilities during coronavirus pandemic
Anthelmintic drug may be effective against COVID-19
Autonomous systems to weed out organic weeds
Boards and insulation of fungi can become new building materials
Rapid Coronavirus tracing to prevent spread of infection
DTU researchers develop concept against road rage
Researchers test if facemasks protect against COVID-19
Why share data during a pandemic?
In future, fertilizer can be produced where it is used
Yale’s EXPRES looks to skies of a scorching, distant planet
Why is ozone pollution persisting in Europe despite environmental laws banning it?
EMBL-EBI launches COVID-19 Data Portal
Researchers want to detect dangerous influenza viruses
Devices for rapid diagnosis of coronavirus under development
UCPH researchers to be part of team researching social behavior during Covid-19 epidemic
DTU immediately shuts down teaching and activities
Information from DTU about coronavirus
DTU helps boost resistance surveillance in Africa and Asia
Compost mill converts horticultural waste into heat
Biosensor to reduce antimicrobial consumption for piglets
New air testing detects campylobacter in chicken flocks more frequently
Global sea level rise is accelerating
More knowledge on role of gut bacteria in diet and health
Energy transition in industrial sector often overlooked
DTU helps to solve a big question about heavy elements’ origin
Global Wind Atlas 3.0 released
Mapping international drug use through wastewater-based epidemiology
Wind energy in need of further development
New theory on fish ecology, evolution and exploitation
Golden opportunity of beer for increased sustainability
DTU to strengthen collaboration with leading Australian University
Joint effort wins Danish Sound pitch battle
DFF grants ensure breadth and diversity in Danish research
DTU destroys building to check computer program
At forefront of healthy, safe, and sustainable food
Discover Pre-Pilot Plant: A place for optimisation & scale-up
Microwaves pave way for PET recycling
DTU Innovators develop world’s thinnest eyeglasses
A striking Girl’s Day in Science
Bacteria can break down plastic
New hope for improved treatment of psoriasis in future
Bornholm leading way for future energy consumption
DTU researchers find new method for efficient production of methane
Unique research environment in Innovation and Glycoengineering
DKK 40 million for bold research ideas
DTU opens its doors to Education and Research Policy Summit
International Workshop on Specific Issues of Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm
Aerodynamic Performance Tested in Poul la Cour Tunnel