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Grants open to boost organ and tissue donation registration among young Australians
Smoking & drinking means higher surgery risks, but health coaching before surgery could help
Canada supports growth of medical diagnostics company leading to job creation
First ever clinical trial underway of laboratory grown red blood cells being transfused into another person
Fecal microbial transplants show lack of predictability when no prior antibiotic treatment is given to recipient
Artificial intelligence-based algorithm predicts major adverse kidney events after hospitalization
NIH-funded study finds personalized kidney screening for people with type 1 diabetes could reduce costs, detect disease earlier
Columbia Cardiac Surgery Opens New Practice in White Plains
New rules aim to make organ donation easier, say University of Alberta specialists
New gene editing technology could treat children with resistant leukaemia
Hearts from donors who were Covid positive may be safe for transplantation
Identity theft secret of cat parasite’s success
Experimental monoclonal antibodies show promise against Epstein-Barr virus
Stem cell-derived organoids mimic human parathyroid tissue
AATS announces publication an Expert Consensus Documents (ECD)
Cannabis users could be candidates for heart transplants
New heart brings new hope
Livers have potential to function for more than 100 years
*Free* Developing pig-to-human xenotransplants
Genetic testing helps detect children likely to have heart failure and require transplant
Will tropical mountain tree species adjust to warming temperatures?
Pediatric heart transplant waiting list times during pandemic
KAIST develops biocompatible adhesive applicable to hair transplants
Serum albumin could prevent amyloid fibril formation in dialysis patients
Leica Microsystems’s EnFocus Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography Development Team Wins Optica’s 2022 Paul F. Forman Team
Scientists step closer to unlocking new leukaemia treatments
Balancing act: Reversing lung fibrosis in scleroderma requires increased antifibrotic proteins
Capsule delivery of Fecal Microbiota Transplant has similar effectiveness to transplant by colonoscopy
NHGRI project creates new educational materials for sickle cell disease community
Transplant Center reaches milestone: 5,000 kidney transplants
Newly discovered protein could be used to produce life-saving antifungals
Tiny Sea Creature’s Genes Shed Light on Evolution of Immunity
Immune cells more susceptible to being suppressed allow acceptance of transplanted organs
Remdesivir-resistant version of Covid detected in organ transplant recipients
ATAGI recommend Covid vaccination for some children aged 6 months to under 5 years
Metal shows its steel against fungal infections
Discovery of Er Blood Group System
Patient receives region’s 1st DCD heart transplant
3D organoid models identify potential treatment targets for devastating pediatric kidney disease
Canada announces appointments to Canadian Institutes of Health Research Governing Council
For Black Patients, Nixing ‘Race Adjustment’ May Improve Kidney Transplant Odds
Is it really healthy to restrict protein intake for kidney transplant recipients?
What are uterus transplants? Who donates their uterus? And what are risks?
When microbiomes collide
Organs donated and eligible organ donors in UK both fell by around 30% during first and second waves of COVID pandemic
Teen receives implantable pressure sensor to warn of worsening heart failure
Improving treatment of pathogenic fungi. ‘The process is working, but not that well
Manuka honey could help to clear deadly drug-resistant lung infection – research