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Novel biomaterial prevents rejection of transplants for type 1 diabetes
Biomaterial improves islet transplants for treatment of type 1 diabetes
Four women recognized through Go Red for Women’s premier community impact program
Scientists use virus to fight bacterial infection clearing way for life-saving lung transplant
More cardiovascular disease in lean people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease than
Discovery of cell protein that keeps Kaposi’s sarcoma herpesvirus dormant
Lemon water won’t detox or energise you
Repairing tendons with silk proteins
Pledge to force switch to us regulations in response to general aviation ‘mayday’ call
UCSF Lung Transplant Patient No. 1,000 Looks Ahead to More of Good Life
Canada Invests $2 million for research on innovative organ and tissue donation projects
Molecular glue for turning on human cell pluripotency
Teenager organizes toy drive to give back to transplant team
A refined microbiome “fingerprint” method tracks sub-strain variants of a single gut microbe strain
AI could save lives by helping liver transplant candidates too sick to survive sobriety ‘road test’
Surgery resident’s breastfeeding story
Mayo Clinic study confirms living kidney donor surgery is low risk for most patients
Some autism spectrum disorder symptoms linked to astrocytes
New initiative to make UC Davis Health leader in organ transplant equity
Bone growth protein might help more newborns survive severe lung disorders
About 30% of COVID patients develop “Long COVID
Black kidney transplant patients exhibit faster clearance rates of key immunosuppressive medicine tacrolimus
Additional COVID vaccine helps protect transplant patients
Want to 3D print kidney? Start by thinking small
Donors and recipients in six-way kidney transplant meet for first time
International study finds heart inflammation rare among people hospitalized with Covid
Russian trolls tried to distract voters with music tweets in 2016
Funding boost for 2023 World Transplant Games
Natural killer cells complexed with bispecific antibody may provide new treatment option for patients with advanced lymphoma
MUSC doctors first at academic medical center to perform ‘game-changing’ new heart failure device procedure
Patients with kidney disease may have an increased risk of cancer
Race receives human ethics approval for new trial
Clinicians encouraged to apply for fellowships to advance WA health research
Scientists Pinpoint What Makes Brain Cells Develop in Specific Order
Researchers uncover factors that regulate neuron development in fruit fly visual system
Half of Liver Transplants Last Year Resulted from Alcohol Use
Chinese surgeons “acted as executioners under state orders”
Is Second COVID Vaccine Booster Right for You?
Towards more effective treatments for immunocompromised patients
Key protein facilitates regeneration of liver blood vessels
New analysis of investigational COVID antiviral drug molnupiravir reveals it appears to clear virus equally well
Burst of accumulated zinc reveals how mineral boosts immune function, suggesting ways to improve health
Proclamation on National Donate Life Month, 2022
Study shows long-term safety of genetically modified immune effector cells
Racial and ethnic disparities exist in prescribing rifaximin for patients with hepatic encephalopathy
Second booster approved as option for additional protection against Covid
New technology could make biopsies thing of past
New dimension in transplantation