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You may have heard ‘moon wobble’ will intensify coastal floods
Fish friends help in crisis
UH astronomers discover ‘double-bubble’ solar eruption during 2020 eclipse
Surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa may have conditions for life
More EVs could reduce CO2 emissions by 93% in less than 30 years
New work-life balance policies could help economically vulnerable women
A White Dwarf Living on Edge
Neighborhood ties improve well-being of older adults
Wild pigs threaten species worldwide; Hawaiʻi hit hard
COVID’s next casualty could be your cup of coffee
COVID-19’s socio-economic fallout threatens global coffee industry
FSU researchers find most nitrogen in Gulf of Mexico comes from coastal waters
Blue coral’s secret sunscreen may save reefs
Increased high-tide flooding projected for majority of U.S. coastlines
Buckley awarded $4.9 million to develop gamma ray astronomy mission
Astronomers discover a ‘changing-look’ blazar
Key to Carbon-Free Cars? Look to Stars
Basic building block to earliest forms of life discovered
Funding boost to equip dietitians with new app for weight management
Giant Planets Found in Stellar Suburbs
FSU researchers uncover new role for strange organisms in ocean food web
Native Hawaiians’ risk for metabolic syndrome varies by definition
UO archaeologist helps nail population of ancient Angkor
What helps houseless families move to stable housing?
Charting direction for ocean C02 research, climate change
Study looks at factors that influence pre-loss grief
Understanding family members’ grief for a living loved one
Indigenous practices could assist endangered waterbird recovery
Volcanic eruptions, hurricanes affect rainfall on Hawaiʻi Island
Supernovae Twins Open Up New Possibilities for Precision Cosmology
Fibrous feeds prove beneficial for livestock gut health
Anti-obesity therapy closer to development
A novel optical physics method to measure expansion of universe
Wildfire fighting tech a national ‘Beat Blaze’ finalist
COVID-19 in Honolulu wastewater reflects levels of infection
Rare pygmy killer whales’ deterioration documented using UH drone tech
New 3D mapping technique reveals hidden microbial communities on coral reefs
FIU is among three universities receiving NSF funds to study climate change in tropics
Seismic signals may predict volcanic eruption styles
Maunakea telescope helps find astronomical ‘gold mines’
Historical Native Hawaiian fight against climate change detailed in new book
Caffeinated forests? Coffee pulp restores tropical forests in Costa Rica
New ‘sweat sticker’ improves cystic fibrosis diagnosis, accessibility
UH project plans for sea-level rise from Diamond Head to Pearl Harbor
Kuroshio Current May Be Responsible for Climatic Discomfort in Tokyo, Scientists Find
How to address growing food insecurity issue in Hawaiʻi?
UH Press awarded grant for new digital-publishing platform
How to overcome vaccine hesitancy?