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Lunar cycle triggers Hawaiian box jellyfish to spawn on Oʻahu shores
Hawaiʻi’s Covid models, responses, lessons learned
UH scientific relic deemed ‘National Treasure,’ makes new home at Smithsonian museum
Climate variability, tropical cyclone activity focus of new book
Cancer impact in Hawaiʻi examined in UH Cancer Center report
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Regional Appointments for USDA, EPA, and HHS
Mystery of seafloor metamorphosis unlocked
United States’ ocean conservation efforts have major gaps, Oregon State University analysis shows
‘Machine learning’ improves rainfall mapping, water plans
Earth suffers “ocean amnesia” symptom of global warming
Better cancer care experiences with clinical research professionals
World’s ocean is losing its memory under global warming
Life-saving new approaches for mesothelioma cancer recommended
‘High Water Line’ project draws boundary where N.J.’s new coastline will be if climate change persists
Brain Imaging Shows What Happens When We Question Fake News
Supercell thunderstorms caused Kauaʻi’s record rainfall in 2018
Microbes play critical role in climate change in new report
Antarctic sea-ice expansion in warming climate
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
UH researcher identifies peptide active against certain cancers
Marine geochemist seeks to unravel how carbon is stored in ocean
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
Flesh-eating bacteria in Ala Wai Canal could increase threefold by end of century
New Parameter Determining Solar Eruptions: Study
No return to normal, permanent drought or wet conditions ahead
UO archaeologist plans return to explore Cambodian temple
Spikes in Ala Wai infectious bacteria influenced by rainfall
Scientists warn too many unknowns for deep-sea mining
Long look at Hawaiian corals suggests reasons for optimism amid warming seas, ocean acidification
Hawaiian corals show surprising resilience to warming oceans
UH law school earns high ratings for diversity, international law
Domestic visitors willing to pay more for sustainable tourism
One-third of hospitalized Hawaiʻi youth are obese
New marine phytoplankton species have symbiont that produces their ‘fertilizer’
Crystals found in salmon noses could explain animals’ magnetic sense
Dime-a-drink alcohol tax increase could cut alcohol consumption, raise $58M
Researchers capture first snapshot of dissolved chemicals from coral reefs
Reframing media coverage of pedestrian, bicycle fatalities can lead to solutions
UH-discovered Earth Trojan asteroid largest to date
How do diverse microbes co-exist with scarce resources?
Understanding coral reef connectivity important to focus conservation efforts
Fish Flow map: from ocean to dinner table
Native algae benefit from pristine groundwater, invasives grow with tainted water
New collection highlights Indigenous perspectives on conservation biology
Earth on trajectory to Sixth Mass Extinction say biologists
Newly-discovered planets will be ‘swallowed’ by their stars
New research on magnetite in salmon noses illuminates understanding of sensory mechanisms enabling magnetic perception across life
Water on Moon; team confirms with ground equipment