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Bringing hope and transformation to Democratic Republic of Congo
Lifestyle changes, meds effective to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes; no change in CVD
Smart Cities Miami Conference to examine climate crisis, impact of pandemic
United States’ ocean conservation efforts have major gaps, Oregon State University analysis shows
Researcher Uses Genomics and Gene Editing to Help Save Coral Reefs
Senior Design Expo highlights engineering achievements
Baby corals are just as susceptible as adults to deadly reef disease
Astroophysicist chosen for key role in international science collaboration mapping remnant light from Big Bang
Symposium to address impacts of climate on health
Research links red tides and dead zones off west coast of Florida
Researchers detect tropical plant species presumed to be extinct
Marine geochemist seeks to unravel how carbon is stored in ocean
New interdisciplinary research teams tackle South Florida’s resilience
Multifaceted model improves subseasonal forecasting by quantum leaps
Scientists use RNA to target pancreatic beta cells
Deputy Secretary McKeon Travels to Miami, Florida
Scientist analyzes data on clouds to improve climate models
Energy center’s new DOE grant to help companies grow ‘greener’
How do migrations shape cities?
Symbols bring concepts to life as powerful unifiers, dividers
Corals can be ‘trained’ to tolerate heat stress
Researcher lead author on landmark climate change report
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on his Nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to Serve as Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
Discovery of ancient underwater landslide could help Middle Eastern nations realize tsunami hazards
How Politics, Society and Tech Shape Path of Climate Change
How politics, society, and tech shape path of climate change
Researcher studies built environment’s impact on pandemics
U-LINK advances exploration of complex problems
85% of coral reef fish studied are overfished, new research shows
85% of coral reef fish studied are overfished
New course aims to train next generation of data scientists
Locations of ancient Maya sacred groves of cacao trees discovered
Scientists discover locations of ancient Maya sacred groves of cacao trees
Researcher tackles role of tree decay in climate change
Assessing changes in diversity in dermatology clinical trials
Birds Shuffle And Repeat Their Tunes To Keep Audience Listening
Birds Shuffle And Repeat Their Tunes To Keep Their Audience Listening
Increased psychedelic use during pandemic prompts new research
Sediments likely culprit in spread of deadly disease on Florida coral reefs
Tsunami-hit Tonga rekindles memories for University employees
Women ages 35 and younger are 44% more likely to have an ischemic stroke than male peers
Study from OSU researcher shows how alcohol dampens response to uncertain stressors
Tiger shark migrations altered by climate change, new study finds
Tiger shark migrations altered by climate change
Pinpointing disease progression in ALS
Simple screening for common lung disease could relieve millions globally
How much dust do children swallow?
Penn Medicine-Led Team Receives $8 Million to Build on Success of Hepatitis C Kidney Transplantation Research