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Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets electrons spinning
Topical Molecular Imaging Tracer Enables Real-Time Detection of Cervical Cancer
Twin win at Google’s Waymo autonomous driving competition
New algorithm may help autonomous vehicles navigate narrow, crowded streets
Why identical mutations cause different types of cancer
Bats are kings of small talk in air
Bats keep chit-chat simple in air
Hollow nano-objects made of DNA could trap viruses and render them harmless
Study finds physicians are widely effective messengers of Covid-19 information
How climate change and fires are shaping forests of future
DAX executives earning less 13 July
Mechanical stimuli influence organ growth
Researchers: Let crop residues rot in field – it’s a climate win
Tool helps predicts who will respond best to targeted prostate cancer therapy
CO2 storage through dead plant material
At what temperature weather becomes a problem
Catalyzing conversion of biomass to biofuel
Joining forces to shape 6G future
Expanded Education Week draws in top speakers and wide audience
Versatile and reliable SARS-CoV-2 antibody assay
Animal health through genomics
Progress in functional characterization of human olfactory receptors
How satiation can be controlled
Sustainable Food: Healthier Cereal Products Made from Old Landraces
In many cases, multiple sclerosis starts long before diagnosis
EM forecast sees France as favorite
Funding decision on four collaborative research centres at Goethe University
Mastermind of active machine learning
New light on making two-dimensional polymers
Humans are ready to take advantage of benevolent AI
Atom swapping could lead to ultra-bright, flexible next generation LEDs
Play it safe: A microscopic perspective towards durable solid state batteries
Using HPC and experiment, researchers continue to refine graphene production
Self-excising designer proteins report isoform expression
“Corona fuels a different pandemic”
Digital school books help low-achieving pupils
Precise data for improved coastline protection
New AI technology protects privacy in healthcare settings
In new NATURE Index LMU is highest placed German university
Enzyme system for hydrogen industry
Universal equation for explosive phenomena
Artificial intelligence makes great microscopes better than ever
Why robots need reflexes – interview
Robots could safeguard people from pain
ONE MUNICH Strategy Forum: TUM and LMU to jointly explore new research fields
Is forest harvesting increasing in Europe?
An icon of socialist architecture
Towards new solar cells with active machine learning