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Mini-fuel cell generates electricity using body’s sugar
Launch of nationwide CO2 removal research program CDRterra at LMU
When quantum particles fly like bees
Quantum systems and flight of bee
New cell therapy approach to regenerate cardiac tissue following heart attack
Repair program for heart
Cardiac progenitor cells generate healthy tissue after heart attack
Australia’s next government must start talking about a ‘just transition’ from coal
Bright, stable, and easy to recycle lighting
Forest as shelter for insects in warmer climates?
Augmented reality can impede optimization of production
Resilience of ecosystems can be measured from space
Vaccination campaign messages often prove ineffective
Inauguration of Käte Hamburger Research Centre “global dis:connect”
Multi-million euro grants from Brussels
Scientists prove diseased blood vessels communicate with brain
Three cutting-edge research projects to receive EU funding
Deepest sediment core collected in Atlantic Ocean
Novel Deep Learning Method Provides Early and Accurate Differential Diagnosis for Parkinsonian Diseases
German Research Foundation has approved new research unit dedicated to soil ecology
AI facilitates better control of global development aid
“Vertical farming will play a role in future food production”
Land use important for climate goals
Semiconductor technology startup wins 2022 Rice Business Plan Competition
Sport improves concentration and quality of life
Less waste from lower enriched Uranium targets
Allergy-friendly apple varieties
Fuel from waste wood
Greater business-university collaboration will reap rewards, says new report
Evusheld long-acting antibody combination approved in EU for pre-exposure prophylaxis of Covid in broad population
Speed limit of computers detected
Light may increase performance of fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries
Vegetable oil emissions study reveals urgent need for greener growing solutions
EU funding in medicine and biotechnology
Survey: People Turned to Gardening for Stress Relief, Food Access During Pandemic
Scientists show how coronavirus triggers immune response in brain
With machine learning to new supramolecular materials
Remedy against choking under pressure
Elevated inflammation persists in immune cells months after mild Covid
“Japan can be a role model”
Immunological signature against Covid
Advances in micro-computed tomography
Amazon rainforest losing resilience
New evidence from satellite data analysis
How stress hormones guide bacteria in their host
Immune cells as squatters
Waves on circular paths
Targeted enzymes destroy virus RNA