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New method to boost speed of online databases
New technologies from perspective of Jewish ethics
Important find in Cheops pyramid of Gizeh
Gut bacteria are crucial for liver repair
TUM Klinikum Created
Recycling Rare Earths with biomass
Exotic Bacteria Found to Extract Rare Earths From Waste
“Data can save lives”
Plastic Upcycling to Close Carbon Cycle
Closing Carbon Cycle With Plastic Upcycling
KI.Fabrik: Robots as Teammates
Premature Infant Medicine
Sugar reduction in soft drinks making no progress
Leipzig Scientists Create Efficient Terpene Synthesis Process
1.2 million US dollars for data protection and cybersecurity
Solid-State Batteries: Superb Ion Conductivity Found
Calculating collision risks: with constant bearing principle
Atmospheric researcher with his feet firmly on ground
Compound Inhibits Flu Virus Replication
UK association to Horizon Europe remains best outcome, says President Brady
New Standards to Measure Hepatitis B in Liver Cells
Autonomous driving: New algorithm distributes risk fairly
10 ERC Consolidator Grants for Max Planck researchers
Cancer research at TUM
LMU Digitizes World’s Largest Cuneiform Library with AI
Deep Learning Algorithm Developed to Distinguish Colon Cancer from Diverticulitis
TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology founded
CO2 data influence eating behavior
Low-Cost Sensor Detects Heavy Metals in Sweat
CEO Luckiness Correlated with Poor Company Performance: Study
Researching Magnetic Matchmaking
Shaping medical research together
Speeding up sugar’s conversion into fuel
Russian Twitter campaigns didn’t influence voting behavior
Turning robots into skilled waiters
Organic Compounds Found in Martian Meteorite
Highly Partisan Republicans Most Exposed to 2016 Russian Twitter Campaigns
Russian Twitter Campaigns Targeted Republican Voters in ’16 Election
Neutrons expose insides of medieval pendant
CMU Portugal Ph.D. Student Develops AI to Classify Epileptic Seizures
Solar Cells Powered by Light: Proton Pumps Extend Cell Life
Digital information platform for refugees
HKUMed Uncovers Diagnostic Uses of Amniotic Fluid for Rare Diseases
Massive international study uncovers genes involved in heart disease
Gene Regulation: Zoom Out for Big Picture View
Antihelium nuclei as messengers from depths of galaxy
Messengers from Depths of Galaxy: Antihelium Nuclei
Possible therapeutic approach to fight incurable blood cancer