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Gut Shields Liver from Fructose-Induced Damage
Spending on Charity Care Stalled as Medicaid Expanded
Laser-welded sugar: Sweet way to 3D-print blood vessels
International conference on pension challenges and opportunities
Long-term Use of Muscle Relaxants Has Skyrocketed Since 2005
Research Shows Patients and Clinicians Rated Telemedicine Care Positively During COVID-19 Pandemic
Neurons thrive even when malnourished
Researchers Identify Novel Genetic Variants Linked to Type-2 Diabetes
Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 Are More Likely to Develop Heart Rhythm Disorders Than Other Hospitalized
UBC study identifies social and behavioural factors most closely associated with dying
Smokers good at math are more likely to want to quit
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individual to Key Administration Posts
Nuclear Softening Allows Cells to Move Into Dense Tissue, Encouraging Injury Repair
U.S. President Trump announces nominations for Key Administration Posts 20 June
Matching-commitment agreements to incentivize climate action
Homeless Patients Are More Likely to be Readmitted to a Hospital Within 30 Days of Discharge
10 Percent of Patients Continue to Use Opioids Three to Six Months After Heart Surgery
Penn to Co-Lead $6.5 Million Transatlantic Grant to Investigate Cytoskeleton’s Role in Heart Disease
Penn’s Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology Receives $8 Million Grant from National Institute
Turn it up: Researchers optimise air conditioners to prevent drivers losing their cool
Four UO profs get funding to explore early religions and texts
Awards & Accolades: May 2020
Pregnancy Complications Developmental Abnormalities Linked Specific Assisted Reproduction Process
MIT Corporation elects 12 term members, three life members
Human Mobility and Western Asia’s Early State-Level Societies
New Mental Health Platform Provides Support for Healthcare Workers
Gene Therapy Program at Penn Medicine Joins AAVCOVID Vaccine Project
Follow-up Treatments After Opioid Overdose Rare Among Insured Patients
Taking Inventory of Which Drugs World Is Using to Treat COVID-19
FSU nuclear physics lab wins $5.7M NSF grant
New “Blueprint” of Exhausted T Cell Lifespan Could Help Build Better Immunotherapies
Penn Medicine Brings Healing Power of Music to Patients with Virtual Philadelphia Orchestra
New Cancer Immunotherapy Targeting Myeloid Cells Slows Tumor Growth
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA names 2020 Switzer Prize recipient
Researchers Suggest Increased Risk of Respiratory-Tract Infections in People on Certain Psoriasis Treatment
AI tool gives doctors a new look at lungs in treating COVID-19
Fireflies helps companies get more out of meetings
New push targets deadly brain cancer
New Liver Cancer Research Targets Non-Cancer Cells to Blunt Tumor Growth
‘We Roar’: Like any poison, coronavirus is deadlier with higher doses
2D sandwich sees molecules with clarity
Reddit Reveals Peaks of Public Interest in COVID-19 Topics
Steep Decline in Organ Transplants Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
Researchers connect matrix fiber structure and cell behavior
Updated Data Show Promise of Targeted Therapy in Castleman Disease
Penn Researchers Discover Key Mechanism of Cytokine Storm in Castleman Disease
Penn Researchers Receive $1.05 Million Grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Financial Incentives Boost Doctor Training in Opioid Treatment Medication