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University of Pennsylvania mRNA Pioneers Awarded Princess of Asturias Award
Shifting sands, creeping soils, and a new understanding of landscape evolution
NIH scientists describe “multi-kingdom dialogue” between internal, external microbiota
Penn Medicine Innovation Projects Secure Independence Blue Cross Grants
Knight Campus scientist is creating molecules for medicine
Penn Medicine to Use $1M from City of Philadelphia for Additional Community Vaccination Clinics
New universal vaccine targets coronaviruses to prevent future pandemics
New model simulates tsunamis caused by iceberg calving
Tug-of-war receptors for sour taste in fruit flies sheds light on human taste biology
Study: Higher COVID-19 Mortality Among Black Patients Linked to Unequal Hospital Quality
Having a strong life purpose eases loneliness of COVID-19 isolation
Three Penn Scientists Chosen as 2021 Pew Scholars
Black and White Women Have Same Mutations Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
‘Roadmaps’ of brain reveal regions vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease
Cell Phone Use While Driving May Be Tied to Other Risky Road Behaviors in Young Adults
Awards & Accolades 9 June
Decentralized Finance heats up: new approaches needed for industry transformation
Exploring an epidemic’s meaning from perspective of nursing
Nanoengineering integrates crystals that don’t usually get along
Researchers Discover How HIV Affects White Matter in Brain
Researchers Use Big Data to Assess Seizure Burden and Improve Outcomes in Pediatric Epilepsy Patients
MIT Corporation elects 11 term members, three life members 4 June
“Electronic Nose” Accurately Sniffs Out Hard-to-Detect Cancers
Scientists say active early learning shapes adult brain
Climate change-resistant corals could provide lifeline to battered reefs
Graduates encouraged to be ready for unexpected forks in road that can lead to success
Penn Researchers Discover Drug that Blocks Multiple SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Mice
Low on Antibodies, Blood Cancer Patients Can Fight off COVID-19 with T Cells
Mastering online learning to level up
NIH names Dr. Marie A. Bernard as Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity
Discovery of a new genetic cause of hearing loss illuminates how inner ear works
Incentivized product reviews: Positive to a fault?
Penn Medicine Launches Region’s First Post-COVID-19 Neurological Care Clinic
Discovery Labs Signs Foundational Lease with University of Pennsylvania Gene Therapy Program as Anchor Tenant
Game on: Game-Based Program Boosts Physical Activity Among Diabetes Patients
Penn Medicine Study Suggests Long-term Suppression of Hepatitis B
A brand new cocktail to fight HIV
Penn Medicine to Require All Health System Employees to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
Researchers Show How Mitochondrial Function Influences Schizophrenia Status in Patients with Genetic Disorder
Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center Doubles Percentage of Black Participants in Clinical Trials
A new theory for what’s happening in brain when something looks familiar
Hepatitis C Screening Doubles When Tests Ordered Ahead of Time
Best things to see and do at Chau Chak Wing Museum
Focus on science: Tak Ian Chio pursues a future in biochemical research
Vanderbilt honors Class of 2021 Founder’s Medalists
Politically polarized brains share an intolerance of uncertainty
Helping robots collaborate to get job done
28 Community Programs Receive Grants Through Penn Medicine CAREs Program