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An arms race that plays out in single genome
Chemists reveal how tau proteins form tangles
Researchers Identify Novel Factors Involved in Silencing Fetal Hemoglobin
U.S. President Biden Names Eighteenth Round of Judicial Nominees
Emery Brown wins share of 2022 Gruber Neuroscience Prize
Scientists use AI to predict cancer risk of lung nodules
Twisted Soft Robots Navigate Mazes Without Human Or Computer Guidance
Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Announce Partnership with Costa Rica for CAR T Cell Therapy
Haptics device creates realistic virtual textures
Are Republicans and Democrats driven by hatred of one another? Less than you think
History’s Echoes in Black Politics
Both nature and nurture contribute to signatures of socioeconomic status in brain
Penn Medicine Study Reveals Imaging Approach with Potential to Detect Lung Cancer Earlier, at Cellular Level
Covid Death Toll Could Be 20 Percent Higher than Official Tally
First Mutation-Targeted Bladder Cancer Drug May Be Under-Used
$12 Million Grant Propels Research of Immune Systems of Pregnant Individuals
Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Launch Multi-Million Dollar Joint Initiative to Improve Health and Wellbeing
2022 Warren Alpert Prize Honors mRNA Research that Enabled Design of Covid Vaccines
U.S. President Biden Nominates Bipartisan Slate for United States Sentencing Commission
Large Study in Botswana Finds Daily Micronutrient Supplementation During Pregnancy Reduces Complications at Birth
Frozen testicular tissue still viable after two decades
Gene Therapy Could Treat Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome, Proof-of-Concept Study Suggests
Psychopathic individuals more likely to have larger striatum region in brain: Study
Racial Gap in Completed Doctor Visits Disappeared in 2020 as Telemedicine Adopted
Strategy overcomes EZH2 inhibitor resistance in SMARCB1 mutated cancer
Study: Immigrants in U.S. are more likely to start firms, create jobs
Program issuing mailed kits doubles rate of leftover opioids disposal
Effect of Mailing At-Home Disposal Kit on Unused Opioids After Surgery
Awards & Accolades 5 May
Optogenetics may be overpromised as potential neurological treatment
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominees 4 May
Hospitals Can Reduce Antibiotic Overuse by Avoiding Unnecessary Blood Draws in Critically Ill Children, Study Shows
DNA Analysis Provides Insight into Associations Between Worse COVID and Other Conditions
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at 2022 National and State Teachers of Year Event
New Documentary on Health Disparities Features Columbia Doctor
“Keto” Molecule May Be Useful in Preventing and Treating Colorectal Cancer, Penn Study Suggests
How one inflammatory disorder exacerbates another
“Keto” molecule may be useful in preventing and treating colorectal cancer
Study Suggests Policy, Education and Training Make Youngest Novice Drivers Better Prepared for License Exam, Less Likely to Crash
New Miniature Heart Could Help Speed Heart Disease Cures
Fashion industry legend Stuart Weitzman to speak May 5
For cooperative teams, modesty leaves best impression
$10 Million Gift from Abramson Family Foundation Supports Abramson Cancer Center Research Efforts at Penn Medicine
Making Game of It: Contests Help New Moms Increase Their Steps
Women’s earnings drop after childbirth
Revising lifecycle of an important human parasite
Regulating regulators of immune system
Research team uncovers changes in people and places impacted by interpersonal firearm violence following Covid containment measures