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Aerodynamic analysis causes rethink of biggest pterosaur
Seeing is deceiving
Paper or plastic?
Versatile, flexible, and economical sensors
As big as it gets: Hunga volcano comparable to Krakatoa
Future of desalination?
How we perceive crowds
Researchers reveal origin story for carbon-12, building block for life
Phospholipid found to play key role in epithelial cell adhesion
Keeping time with cosmos
Research team unravels trick of evolving GTP sensor
Researchers explore importance of two-pore channels in plants
Spinning stars shed new light on strange galactic signal
Spinning stars shed new light on strange signal coming from galactic center
Developing inorganic lead-free perovskite for broadband emission
Space-based system using GPS satellites could warn of incoming tsunamis
Tokyo Tech hosts 15th Student Support Forum online
Japanese population projected to live longer without dementia
Electronics can grow on trees thanks to nanocellulose paper semiconductors
Journey through history of protein synthesis
New production method promises to end medical radioisotope shortages
Scientists Reveal Structural Basis for Assembly and Quinone Transport Mechanisms of Dimeric Photosynthetic RC-LH1 Supercomplex
Feel attraction of zwitterionic Janus Particles
Undersea detector proves it’s swell
Researchers Generate High-Quality Quantum Light with Modular Waveguide Device
Scientists Have Spotted Farthest Galaxy Ever
Researchers have spotted farthest galaxy ever
Research finds extent of labor abuse and illegal fishing risks among fishing fleets
Extent of labour abuse and illegal fishing risks among fishing fleets
Visualizing invisible
How major volcanic eruption paved way for rise of dinosaurs
Unis around globe condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Twenty-one universities condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
New insight into possible origins of life
Viral inhibitor of cellular stress response shows therapeutic potential
Scientists Create Novel Genetic Model of Down Syndrome in Rats
ATAC and Toyota Establish New Initiative to Support Social Implementation of Innovative Technologies Begin Collaborations
Meteorites that helped form earth may have formed in outer solar system
Antivirals, some antibodies, work well against BA.2 omicron variant of Covid virus
Elephant sharks offer novel perspective on how humans evolved
Fish story with human tell
Run to Dinner
Hemoglobin acts as chemosensory cue for mother mice to protect pups
Anti-odor coating is no washout
Modeling high-harmonic generation without resorting to perturbation theory
How Mars lost its oceans
Advanced prostate cancer antibody drug shows success in pet dogs
Rice production depends on TAB1 gene, researchers find