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Timing life of antimatter particles may lead to better cancer treatment
Rodent ancestors combined portions of blood and venom genes to make pheromones
New extreme ultraviolet facility opens for use
Remnants of an ancient asteroid shed new light on early solar system
Japan’s big brain project: advances light up marmoset brains
Ryugu’s rocky past
Modern theory from ancient impacts
How dividing cells avoid setting off false virus alarms
More than just genetic code
Using two acoustic reflectors triples spin-current generation
Robots, Drones and Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation
Great Barrier Reef ‘glue’ at risk from ocean acidification
Different responses in individual cells give muscles more control
Giant leap for molecular measurements
Rare encounters between cosmic heavyweights
Plant living with only one leaf reveals fundamental genetics of plant growth
Wireless device makes clean fuel from sunlight, CO2 and water
Observing ancient neutrinos
Nuclear Technology Management: IAEA Guidance for University Programmes
New NSF Physics Frontier Center Will Focus on Neutron Star Modeling in ‘Gravitational Wave Era’
Future mental health care may include diagnosis via brain scan and computer algorithm
Subpolar marginal seas play a key role in making subarctic Pacific nutrient-rich
Machine Learning Finds a Surprising Early Galaxy-Breaking Lowest Oxygen Abundance Record
Discovery of novel autoantibody that is a major risk factor for recurrent pregnancy loss
Photonic crystal light converter
Recycling Japanese liquor leftovers as animal feed produces happier pigs and tastier pork
Music on brain
A short segment of a prion protein plays a critical role in its susceptibility to cross-species prion transmission
Wiring a new path to scalable quantum computing
Responses to cyberbullying
Friendly bacteria fight stomach ulcers
New treatment method for Alport Syndrome uses antisense oligonucleotides
New research deepens mystery of particle generation in proton collisions
Observation of Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1T
Hamsters develop protective immunity to COVID-19 and are protected by convalescent sera
Research into ecosystem tipping points in Arctic
Homeless people are more likely to be put on ventilators for respiratory infections than non-homeless
Fish fossils become buried treasure
Protecting eels protects freshwater biodiversity
UTokyo joins COVID-19 data exchange
High-speed atomic video
Scientists decipher role of carbon and break-up of continents
Genetic study reveals similarities and differences of COVID-19 and SARS viruses
Light-Based System Lays Foundation for Continuous Monitoring of Ocean Plastic Particles
Lab-Grown Miniature Human Livers Transplanted into Rats
Killing coronavirus with handheld ultraviolet light device may be feasible
Limits on evolution revealed by statistical physics
Self-Healing Devices Gain or Regain Function After Being Cut