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Solar-powered system extracts drinkable water from “dry” air
Solar-powered system extracts drinkable water from “dry” air
Lab works across disciplines to improve life for people with epilepsy, aphasia
Researchers look into effects of repeated droughts on different kinds of forests
Four at UW Medicine earn High-Risk, High-Reward awards
IL-21 protein a key part of immune response to central nervous system infections
U joins Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champions Program
How to Get a Handle on Carbon Dioxide Uptake by Plants
Seismic monitoring may improve early warnings for glacial lake outburst floods
UW-Madison teams top national competition to help middle class
Federal Reserve Board appoints Trevor Reeve as director of Division of Monetary Affairs
How’s transit weather?
Our energy hunger is tethered to our economic past
UO-led study helps guide physical therapy after injuries
International Project to Delve Into Mysteries of Brain Connections
Only nose knows: New international network explores how odors lead to actions
Engineers to use $6.7 million grant to build power plant of future
Mutations may have saved brown howlers from yellow fever virus
Mutations may have saved brown howlers from yellow fever virus
Rising temps put desert shrub in high-efficiency mode
COVID-19 provides rare opportunities for studying natural and human systems
Supervision of principals should focus on instructional leadership
Gamma-ray scientists bring distant stars into focus
Largest 3D map of universe ever created
Astrophysicists Fill in 11 Billion Years of Our Universe’s Expansion History
Astrophysicists fill gaps in history of Universe
No need to mind gap
Pioneering method reveals dynamic structure in HIV
Researchers find that using forests to offset carbon emissions will require a better understanding of risks
Women’s communication shapes division of labor in household
Scientists detect Crab Nebula using innovative gamma-ray telescope
Human insulin enhanced with cone snail ‘blue print’
AI identifies change in microstructure in aging materials
Ribs evolved for movement first, then co-opted for breathing
U effect: Economic and societal impacts on state of Utah
Public would obey major changes to antibiotic advice, research shows
Study finds consensual nonmonogamy a ‘healthy’ option
International study finds consensual nonmonogamy can be ‘healthy’ relationship option
Games to lift your spirits
International consortium investigates overactive immune cells as cause of COVID-19 deaths
Highly regarded scientist, eye surgeon joins UO Knight Campus
Mucus and coronavirus: what is its role in spread of virus?
New website explains how hospitals can decontaminate and reuse scarce N95 masks to fight COVID-19
Physicists test coronavirus particles against temperature, humidity
Researchers Create Focus-Free Camera with New Flat Lens
Innovation Beat: Patents and licensing deals, provost’s big ideas
As Farming Developed, So Did Cooperation – And Violence