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Study explores climate influences on snowmelt-fed water supplies
New silicon nanowires can really take heat
Research sheds light on what influences water supplied by snowmelt
Climate change increases risks of tree death
Readout of White House’s First Stakeholder Convening on Mining Reform
Age and high BMI associated with sperm cell irregularities
Surgeon-scientist centers patients in research to improve transgender care
Campaign reduces car idling at two elementary schools
Some mammals shift their schedules in urban environments
How to assess community’s resilience
Autism support for Black community
Museum launches Triceratops Traits for middle schoolers
Some children with cerebral palsy scoliosis may not need pelvic fixation
Estrogen and testosterone deficiency linked to higher rates of rotator cuff repair
Oregon State research helps provide scientific framework for psilocybin use in therapeutic settings
Reversing resistance to PD-1 inhibitors with combination immunotherapy in patients with advanced melanoma
Vaccine uptake after full FDA approval of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine
Exposed sediments reveal decades of Lake Powell history
Convalescent plasma could lower hospitalization risk for newly infected Covid patients
Study shows treating preexisting high BP in pregnancy improves outcomes
Study Shows Treating Preexisting High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Improves Maternal, Fetal Outcomes
Deserts ‘breathe’ water vapor, study shows
U of U Health experiment prepared for launch to International Space Station
Will crullers around black holes dance?
Innovative AI technology aids personalized care for diabetes patients needing complex drug treatment
Research provides clues on why some bad infections persist
New potentially painkilling compound in deep-water cone snails
Terrible thing to waste
Marine snail inspires fast-acting injectable insulin
Dstl scientists develop pioneering bio-batteries
1st study of LGBT+ physicists reveals red flags
Miracle of mucins
Reservists, especially those with combat exposure, are at risk for alcohol misuse after military deployment
White House Announces Nominee to Lead US Geological Survey
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominees 9 March
Study measures indoor air quality in two Salt Lake City high schools
Measuring tempo of Utah’s red rock towers
Scooting to new era in active transportation
Mindfulness therapy reduces opioid misuse and chronic pain
INL, U agree to expand collaborative research opportunities
Lessons from initiative to bring science programs to incarcerated
Astronomers confirm intermediate-mass black hole in Andromeda galaxy
Finding friends in Utah State Legislature
How socioeconomics may impact Covid-associated stress in youth
Measuring tempo of Utah’s red rock towers
Covid linked to serious health complications during pregnancy
Structural sexism and anti-LGB stigma linked to poor birth outcomes in US
Decline of vultures and rise of dogs carries disease risks