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Innovative nerve repair process helping to restore function in paralysis
There and back again: tale of carbon’s travels through Earth’s interior
UWA research leads to first Elder-led Noongar burn in Denmark in decades
How plate tectonics, mountains and deep-sea sediments have maintained Earth’s ‘Goldilocks’ climate
Scientists discover immune system changes that support peanut allergy remission in kids
Ear Science affiliation to boost ear and hearing research
World first trial for new bladder cancer imaging scan to be presented in US
Report finds pet custody laws need overhaul to better reflect society
Genetic test can diagnose certain immune system disorders
Specialist program helps children live healthy and active life
Family of termites has been traversing world’s oceans for millions of years
Event to examine implications of Australia’s 2022 election
Finding cause of high blood pressure
WA feature film ‘How to Please Woman’ hits cinemas nationally
Funding for rapid test to detect antibiotic-resistant skin infections in Aboriginal children
2022 Ciara Glennon Memorial Law Scholarship awarded
Raiding super early left women worse off. Let’s not repeat mistake for home deposits
Researchers backed to develop initiatives to improve WA health care
Environmental values dropped during COVID but nature helped
Novel aquaculture diet up to scale
Diversifying WA’s economy through sustainable markets
Volunteers needed to trial scar-less wound healing cream
Major boost to support research aimed at improving health outcomes
Unravelling genetic keys to improve canola crop yield
Adults with autism needed for anxiety study
Plants need light to live, but too much causes stress
Frost physiology knowledge base grows
Coral spawning success advances Ningaloo Reef research
Texas Medical Center and Biodesign Australia announce partnership
Global partnership between Australia and USA set to boost Biodesign Australia
Numbat population in Upper Warren bigger than previously estimated
Sizing up rodent mating evolution
New Board Chair to help guide Perth Zoo Master Plan
BGI-led international team releases first panoramic atlases of life in cell
New research to explore Australian adult attitudes to children
$25 million research investment to grow WA’s agricultural capability
Hydroponic native plants to detox PFAS-contaminated water
‘Bycatch’ dolphin capture in WA not sustainable, study finds
UWA soil scientists scoop $4.34 million federal grant
Study finds one in five reptiles threatened by extinction in near future
Prairie Health and UWA collaborate to accelerate precision psychiatry
New collaboration to reduce subsea gas field carbon emissions
Equipping hospitals for primary aldosteronism patients
Does psychedelic science need philosophy?
Longer-acting eye treatment could reduce vision loss for Indigenous Australians
Rapid Covid test developed for large scale screening
Has data collection from professional athletes gone too far?
UWA survey asks how does life make you feel?