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Loss of Protein Disturbs Intestinal Homeostasis and Can Drive Cancer
Ancient Hornwort Genomes Could Lead to Crop Improvement
Sequencing hornwort genomes could improve crops
UZH Switches to Digital Teaching
Why are workers getting smaller pieces of pie?
Life-Giving Potion and Maternal Elixir
Producing Human Tissue in Space
Directed Species Loss from Species-Rich Forests Strongly Decreases Productivity
Hunter-Gatherer Networks Accelerated Human Evolution
New study allows Brain and Artificial Neurons to link up over web
Extinct Giant Turtle Had Horned Shell of up to Three Meters
Disease found in fossilized dinosaur tail afflicts humans to
Public Lectures on Philosophy, Populism, Violence and Equal Opportunities in Education
Openly Acknowledging Social Inequalities
Refining Breast Cancer Classification by Multiplexed Imaging
World Premiere in Zurich: Machine keeps human livers alive for one week outside of body
Improved Functioning of Diverse Landscape Mosaics
Skin and Mucous Membrane Lesions as Complication of Pneumonia
Neu entdecktes Protein gibt Signal für Virusinfektion
Nearly 12 Million Euros for Outstanding UZH Research
New Migraine Medications Could Endanger Patients with High Blood Pressure
New Approach to Treating Incurable Leukemia in Children Discovered
Chinese Porcelain Art in Pale Green-Blue Shades
Science Barometer Switzerland: Trust in Science and Research Remains High
Private Banks Should Proactively Foster Sustainable Investments
Milk from Teeth: Dental Stem Cells Can Generate Milk-Producing Cells
Suspicions of Internet Monitoring Lead to Self-Censorship
Antibiotics with Novel Mechanism of Action Discovered
Protein in Blood Protects against Neuronal Damage after Brain Hemorrhage
Raw Meat-Based Diets for Pets Pose a Health Risk for Humans
Brain Does not Follow Head
Details of Dental Wear Revealed
Modern Family Roles Improve Life Satisfaction for Parents
Growing Interest in Natural Sciences, Law and Economics
Building Blocks of Bird Babble Identified
Scientific research draws crowds
Magic Spells and Desert Sharks
West African Drummers Making Their Voices Heard
Humans May Have Had Key Role in Cave Bear Extinction
Fingerprint of Multiple Sclerosis Immune Cells Identified
Diving into Colorful Underwater Worlds
A novel perception mechanism regulating important plant processes
Je fetter die Beute, desto ehrlicher die Leute
Preventing drugs from being transported
Rinsing System in Stomach Protects Teeth of Ruminants