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Concordia PhD student is awarded $100K to pursue research in genetic engineering
Immune genetics and previous common cold infections might help protect Japan from COVID-19
New broad type of resistance against insects found in plants
‘Supercharged’ cells help scientists analyse SARS-CoV-2 variants faster
Looking at infections through how microbes interact
Rutgers Reports First Instance of COVID-19 Triggering Recurrent Blood Clots in Arms
Many do not recognise animal agriculture’s link to infectious diseases
Dental procedures during pandemic are no riskier than a drink of water
Scientist leads research for higher yielding crops
Bees Can Sniff out Coronavirus
History of giants in gene: Scientists use DNA to trace origins of giant viruses
You have gone distance – at a distance
Curious Kids: why does sun’s bright light make me sneeze?
SARS-CoV-2 Research: Second possible effective mechanism of remdesivir discovered
Don’t discard face masks just yet
UNC Charlotte researchers analyzed host origins of SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses
HEPA filter effectively reduces airborne respiratory particles generated during vigorous exercise
HEPA filter reduces airborne respiratory particles generated during exercise that can transmit viruses
Nano flashlight enables new applications of light
Tiny plastic particles in environment
New clinical practice guideline on community acquired pneumonia
UBC researchers unveil first molecular images of B.1.1.7 COVID-19 mutation
Training infectious disease research leaders
Applying UV light to common disinfectants makes them safer to use
Health experts reiterate concerns with proposed mandatory blood testing laws
Important factor in development of dendritic cells identified
Novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness
Promising wastewater treatment discovery
Know Facts – Fight Flu
Norovirus clusters are resistant to environmental stresses and UV disinfection, new study finds
University of Chicago scientists design “Nanotraps” to catch, clear coronavirus
Exposure to high heat neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 in less than one second
Upgrade will lead to greater research impact
A new way of rapidly counting and identifying viruses
High rates of hepatitis C and HIV coinfection among key populations
Raising Odds Against Viral Infection
How oxygen radicals protect against cancer
Chickens and pigs with integrated genetic scissors
Chickens and pigs with built-in genetic scissors
Metal-based compounds pave way for new antiviral treatments
COVID-19 in Honolulu wastewater reflects levels of infection
Efforts to stop spread of covid-19 should focus on preventing airborne transmission
Lupus clues from cellular ‘power stations’
First concrete evidence for presence of Wolbachia in malaria-transmitting mosquitoes
2021 seasonal influenza vaccines
Add a key to anti-virus key ring
Pilbara and Kimberley warned of increased mosquito-borne disease risk
Brain disease transmitted by tick bites may be treatable