Union action hindering police investigations

Unacceptable industrial action ordered by the CPSU union bosses is stopping police from catching criminals who remain at large.

As of last Friday, CPSU-affiliated staff within Forensic Science Service Tasmania are withholding 92 crime reports. This action is now placing members of the community at risk by deliberately hampering police investigations.

Under this action, there are 25 DNA reports that Tasmania Police would be able to immediately act on, but this vital information is being withheld from police, potentially allowing criminals who remain at large to commit more serious crimes. I am advised by Tasmania Police that 14 of these reports contain DNA matches that link a person on the DNA Database to a crime scene, and 11 reports also contain potentially useful DNA results for investigation.

This incredibly dangerous union action is putting the safety of Tasmanians at risk by preventing Tasmania Police from doing their job.

There is a 6 per cent pay rise over three years on the table, yet unions are willing to allow criminals to get away with crimes in order to try and get more than taxpayers can afford.

It is outrageous that union bosses would put the community at risk like this. The people affected by these crimes will be rightly outraged that union action is allowing criminals to remain on the streets. Like hurting surgical patients and school students, we won’t accept these inappropriate union tactics.

The Government’s pay rise over three years is fair and affordable for taxpayers. It allows us to invest in essential services and employ 250 more teachers and 1300 more health staff over the next five-and-a-half years.

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