VELCRO Brand launches revolutionary UV plant tie

VELCRO® Brand launches revolutionary UV plant tie

VELCRO® Brand has launched a UV plant tie that will help rural farmers and gardeners to support and secure their plants quickly, easily and effectively. The lightweight UV plant tie, which is both reusable and adjustable, is suitable for the most delicate of plants and saplings, thanks to its softness. VELCRO® Brand UV Plant Ties have been designed and manufactured specifically for the horticultural industry and have been the subject of rigorous testing across Australia at select farms. Feedback from the trials has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I think the VELCRO® Brand tie 50mm and the 25mm are very simple and quick to apply and would not hesitate to recommend to other farmers or plantations for use on their tree plantings” says Kevin Sharman the Mildura manager at Suni Tafe farm. He also points out that the VELCRO® Brand tie has endured extreme temperatures: “very cold through winter and very hot during summer up to 46 degrees and a lot of windy conditions through spring – Christmas.”

The UV plant ties are becoming an essential item in farming Australia wide, as well as in the average garden Australia tends to have. A company spokesperson for Velcro Australia Pty Ltd explains the variety of applications for the UV resistant plant ties. “Many farmers and gardeners use the ties for securely attaching new plants to stakes. This provides protection from windy conditions, allowing the new plants to get off to an excellent start.” The VELCRO® Brand Plant ties provides support to almonds, citrus (lemon & orange) pistachios, avocados, olives, apples, and larger plant types that require additional staking & support for a period of time until the root system is strong enough.

Saving both time and money, the VELCRO® Brand Reusable Plant Ties are very simple to use. Just cut the tape to the required length, allowing for at least 80mm of overlap (more for bigger jobs). Then pull the plant tie until the right tension is obtained. Finally, press the overlapping parts of the tape firmly together so that they grip and hold.

Are you ready to give your plants the revolutionary support and security they need?

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