Virus Killing Novaerus Plasma Technology Brought To Australia To Assist With 2019 Winter

Carinda Health announces a limited number of Novaerus Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) air purification products have arrived in Australia to assist with the 2019 Winter flu Season. These units are highly sought after and assist in preventing or limiting air borne disease outbreaks in enclosed spaces without using chemicals.

DBD uses a high intensity electric field to deactivate or destroy viruses, bacteria, moulds and volatile organic compounds. This technology is new to Australia and proven to be effective in lab tests, clinical trials and case studies conducted in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Originally designed for use in hospitals or medical applications requiring high-grade supplemental infection control, Novaerus portable units are safe and effective in Nursing Homes, Child Care Centres, Medical Centres, open-plan offices and other locations where air borne transmission of viruses is likely to occur. Unlike chemical misting DBD can be safely operated 24/7 in occupied areas.

Although flu vaccine is an essential first line of defence against Influenza strains in its formulation, Novaerus DBD inactivates moulds, bacteria and viruses that pass through the internal plasma field, including the common cold (rhinovirus), measles and many other contagious pathogens, helping prevent outbreaks or limiting those in progress.

Novaerus DBD also protects staff, volunteers and contractors who are occupationally exposed to air borne pathogens, improving productivity and morale. Novaerus DPD is low maintenance, inexpensive to run and designed to operate 24/7 in occupied areas.

Evidentiary material can be sighted at additional data upon request.

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