AHISA congratulates Coalition on its election win

The Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA) congratulates all those who have won office in the 2019 federal election and who will sit as Members or Senators in the 46th Parliament.

AHISA also congratulates the Coalition on retaining government.

AHISA CEO, Ms Beth Blackwood, said that prior to the election the Government had negotiated successfully with state and territory governments and the non-government sector to establish long-term federal recurrent funding arrangements for schools and had agreed a national road map for school education policy under the National School Reform Agreement.

‘The Coalition enters its third term of government having ensured a large degree of stability and certainty around national schooling issues,’ said Ms Blackwood. ‘Schools with a religious affiliation – which account for around a third of total student enrolments in Australia – have the added assurance under a Morrison government that religious freedoms will be valued and respected.’

Ms Blackwood said that while the Government had already achieved a great deal in the school education sector, it could not afford to be complacent.

‘Education is now a fast evolving sector as it responds to rapid social and technological change,’ said Ms Blackwood. ‘It deserves continued policy support from government to help accelerate that evolution.’

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