Another day, Another Act of Violence Against Speed Camera Operators

Community and Public Sector Union

The State Government’s privatised Mobile Traffic Camera Operator SERCO continues to place their staff at risk and subject to serious violence by continuing to use locations that have a history of vehicle attacks despite multiple reports, the union for the camera operators, CPSU said today.

The union has released in-vehicle camera footage of the latest assault overnight from Wells Road Edithvale where the rear window of the vehicle was smashed by a hoodie wearing hammer wielding male.

There are location clusters where these incidents occur including; Nepean Highway, Wells Road, Wellington Road, and on the Baxter-Tooradin Road. The acts of violence include smashing of windows, slashing of tyres, deliberate swerving at the parked vehicles and deliberate collisions with the parked vehicles. We’ve even had a chemical poured onto a vehicle that caused the tyres to deflate and become immobilised.

SERCO’s processes don’t automatically advise police of when these crimes occur and the union is calling for the privatised operator to be removed from their contract and Victoria Police to assume operations to improve the safety of mobile camera operators.

WorkSafe have also been called in to investigate this shambolic unsafe service deliverer.


Julian Kennelly


/Public Release.