Real-Time Weird News | Page 3

Iran’s all-male delegation faces all-female EU team in Norway
Mum-to-be warns about posting baby bump photos online after discovery makes her ‘sick to her stomach’
Trainee robot office manager Betty starts two month trial as artificial intelligence enters workplace
Furious shopper leaves rude note on woman’s parked car – it completely backfires
Why we should be tapping our fizzy drink cans before opening them
Kitten manages to travel an amazing 300 miles – by clinging onto a car’s BUMPER
Scientists discover new type of meteorite which landed on earth around 470 MILLION years ago
Grandson opens nan’s laptop and can’t stop laughing at her last Google search
8 reasons people had to leave their dates halfway through – and it wasn’t always the other person’s fault
There are naked models camouflaged in these amazing optical illusion photographs – can you spot them?
Furious husband takes ultimate revenge on ‘cheating wife’ – by selling everything she owns on eBay
Hospitals introduce robot receptionists who understand 20 languages to welcome you in
New sex position ‘froggy style’ found by studying mating habits of FROGS
Too far? Student plays prank on his friend over exam results – and pulls it off beautifully
Holiday ‘expectation vs reality’ photos reveal why tourists shouldn’t always trust the brochure
The four ways to tell if someone is lying to you – without resorting to a polygraph test
House for sale looks perfect from the outside – but inside is a very different story
‘Speeding driver’ flees police but COWS help them track him down
New Apple robot ‘Liam’ has 29 arms and can strip down iPhone for recycling in 11 seconds
Five-year-old boy saves up birthday money to take his ‘best friend in the world’ on adorable ‘first date’
This looks just like a giant moon – until closer inspection reveals it isn’t
Plastic surgeon reveals the weirdest things he has seen and strangest requests
Man’s quick reactions saves him from being run over by speeding car
Bungling council sends ‘condolence letter’ to pensioner telling him he is DEAD
‘NO FATTIES please’: Naked restaurant bans overweight guests with strict dining rules
The world’s ugliest colour has been revealed – but does it deserve that title?
Spooky Snapchat post will leave you scared of using filters on your phone ever again
Woman is sent photo of ‘hacker’ caught trying to access her computer – it’s a total shock
Online dater launches nasty rant at woman when she asks innocent question – but she’s had the last laugh
The everyday household tasks a shocking number of 22-year-olds CANNOT do
Red from Angry Birds in real life? ‘Cranky’ cardinal is a dead ringer for computer game creature
Cheeky thieves steal gigantic 9ft pile of DOG POO weighing 30kg from outside town hall
Hundreds strip off on Brighton Beach for topless ‘Free The Nipple’ protest against Twitter and Facebook boob ban
Think your mother-in-law is bad? These 8 horror stories may make you think again
China plans Bond villain-style lair 10,000ft under water in disputed South China Sea
Mysterious yellow circles appear on city’s pavements – and it’s part of a drastic council crackdown
Rugby player loses trousers during epic night out and turns to internet for help finding them
Man sends mean text to mates about woman he’s met – accidentally messages her instead
Halle-LOO-jah! Temple-like ‘super-toilet’ gives users divine experience complete with heavenly glow
Bunyadi: London’s first naked restaurant opens – here’s what customers think about stripping off to dine
Elderly couple who raved at London nightclub until 5am send DJ thank you letter after stunning revellers
Brides and grooms confess what was really going through their head on their wedding day
Fish gets trapped INSIDE a jellyfish and uses it to steer itself round the sea
Dad sells ‘pot-smoking’ son’s car to teach him lesson with special discount for local buyers
This is cracking! High school pupils’ hatch chick from an egg WITHOUT using the shell
The future of aviation? World’s first 3D-printed mini aircraft unveiled by Airbus
Woman strips down to thong and hangs precariously out of third-floor window to sunbathe
Fearsome dinosaur dog steps into the water from a prehistoric age