Million-Copy-Selling authors Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur publish Invincible Company

Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, the creators of the globally influential Business Model Canvas, a strategy tool for leaders and entrepreneurs, return this Spring with their highly anticipated new book, The Invincible Company, published today by Wiley. The long-awaited new book is a follow up to their previous international best-selling titles, Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, which together have sold over 2 million copies and have been translated into over 40 languages worldwide.

Osterwalder and Pigneur’s Business Model Generation revolutionized the way the world creates and plans new business models; has been used by corporations, startups and consultants worldwide; and is taught in hundreds of universities. Now, after years of researching how the world’s most successful companies have been able to avoid disruption, and reinvent themselves constantly, the authors, joined by Fred Etiemble and Alan Smith, have produced their definitive work, The Invincible Company.

The striking 4-color visual guide explains what every organization can learn from the business models of the world’s most exciting companies. The authors examine how modern companies like Amazon, Ping An, Microsoft, and Tesla (among many other examples) have been able to create immensely successful businesses that compete on superior business models, constantly reinvent themselves and transcend industry boundaries. By studying these innovative business models, senior leaders will learn how to design invincible companies.

The three Characteristics of an Invincible Company

They Build a Capability for Constant Reinvention – Invincible Companies constantly reinvent themselves by exploring a portfolio of new business ideas to stay ahead of everybody else and beat disruption.

They Compete on Superior Business Models – Invincible Companies compete on superior business models, not just product, service, or technology.

They Transcend Industry Boundaries – Invincible Companies are increasingly able to transcend traditional industry boundaries.

The Invincible Company explores how to create new growth engines, and compete on business models, not just product, technology and price. It includes powerful new tools such as the Portfolio Map, Innovation Metrics, Innovation Strategy Framework, and the Culture Map that help readers assess the strengths and weaknesses of their own business models and their organization’s innovation readiness.

New Tools In The Book

Portfolio Map – The Portfolio Map helps leaders of large and small companies manage a portfolio of new ideas and existing businesses simultaneously. The Map is completed with a suite of practical tools to reduce the risk and uncertainty of exploring new business opportunities.

Business Model Patterns – A library of 21 business model patterns that Invincible Companies use to compete beyond products and services or to shift outmoded business models to superior ones. Discover the patterns and questions for leaders to improve your own business model.

Culture Map- A practical tool to understand, design, and build the ambidextrous corporate culture needed to successfully manage both an explore and exploit portfolio under one roof. It can help you achieve your cultural transformation by eliminating blockers and implementing enablers.

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