Mind over faecal matter; coffee in space; and extreme scientists

Launch Friday at Melbourne Museum, with NASA geobiologist. Plus 430 Science Week events around Victoria:

▪ Meet the NASA scientist paving the way for Mars missions, and other women doing science in extreme environments.

▪ Can virtual reality make food taste different? A science event that messes with your senses.

▪ Sewer soap, fatberg and a pee-powered battery: art and science meet the war on waste.

▪ Gut feelings: is there a link between your microbiome and mental health?

▪ Artificial intelligence and the future of humanity: world premiere of the movie MACHINE.

▪ What’s the science behind the perfect brew? And could you make coffee in space?

▪ Maker workshops for everyone, including people with disabilities.

▪ Take a virtual reality tour of the Universe.

▪ Can we generate wealth from waste? Ask the inventor of green steel and recycling micro-factories.

▪ ‘The Curiosity Show’ meets music.

▪ Take the Aha! Challenge and test your brain’s creative insight.

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