Nsw state election: night time economy scorecard

The countdown to the election is on: FIND OUT HOW THE PARTIES RATE

19 March 2019: As we head into the final few days of the New South Wales state election, the Night Time Industry Association (NTIA) has assessed the policy positions of the major parties based on their pledge to fix Sydney’s night-time economy.

Michael Rodrigues, NTIA Chair said the independents and minor parties who are likely to hold the balance of power after the election have all indicated that the night matters and are supporting policy change to help fix the problem.

“Alex Greenwich, Greg Piper and The Greens have all expressed support for the policy change that needs to happen to restore the night time economy.

“We need real political will if Sydney is to thrive once again and provide the type of economic, cultural and tourism opportunities that will put our city back on the map as a desirable place to live and be proud of.

“If it is a hung parliament after the election on Saturday, we believe there will be real impetus for change and hopefully the political will to make it happen.

“Sydney’s night life is in rapid decline and it is starting to effect the overall perception of Sydney as a brand and destination.

“Along with the major problems facing festivals this election has seen these issues come to the forefront of the campaign.

“We are calling on people to review our scorecard and vote for a strong and vibrant night time economy.

“This election has already seen real improvement with the major parties announcing policy and funding commitments for the night-time economy, all of which you can see on a scorecard on our website,” Mr Rodrigues said.

About: The campaign is supported by entertainment venues, festivals, retail operators and arts and culture organisations from across NSW, and is the first time these groups have banded together to put these issues on the political agenda.

The NTIA wrote to the major parties to seek their policies on the night-time economy and have published their responses and a scorecard as a guide to voters at www.uniteforthenight.org.a/scorecard

The campaign will extend into 100+ hospitality and entertainment venues across Sydney before the March 23 Election.

The scorecard is available here along with the detailed responses: https://uniteforthenight.org.au/scorecard/

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