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Enhertu achieved statistically significant overall survival, reducing risk of death by 36% vs. trastuzumab emtansine
First-line ribociclib plus endocrine therapy may be more effective than combination chemotherapy
Research reveals racial difference in pro-metastatic tumor microenvironment among women with residual breast cancer after
AstraZeneca aims to redefine breast cancer care with new data across treatment spectrum at SABCS 2022
UC Davis gets $15 million to develop and assess AI for breast cancer detection, risk model
Camizestrant significantly improved progression-free survival in advanced ER-positive breast cancer
Lynparza approved in China as 1st-line maintenance treatment with bevacizumab for HRD-positive advanced ovarian cancer
Overexpressed Cyclin D1 and CDK4 proteins are responsible for resistance to CDK4/6 inhibitor
Data from pivotal breast cancer and kidney cancer studies headline Dana-Farber research presented
4 researchers helping more people survive breast cancer
Lynparza approved in Japan as adjuvant treatment for patients with BRCA-mutated HER2-negative high-risk early breast cancer
Prompt recognition and treatment found effective for lung disease
Lynparza approved in EU as adjuvant treatment for patients with germline BRCA-mutated HER2-negative high-risk early breast cancer
Changing treatment of cancer
Lynparza recommended for approval in EU by CHMP as adjuvant treatment for patients with germline BRCA-mutated HER2-negative
Liquid Biopsy Detects DNA Markers in Advanced Breast Cancer Within Five Hours
UCSF Cancer Specialists to Present Clinical Findings at Major Conference
Targeted agents, combination therapies, and clinical trial equity headline Dana-Farber research
Importance of patient voices in cancer treatment
Half of all women experience false positive mammograms after 10 years of annual screening
Lynparza approved in US as adjuvant treatment for patients with germline BRCA-mutated HER2-negative high-risk early breast cancer
Engineering faculty, alumna named AIMBE Fellows
AstraZeneca reinforces leadership in breast cancer at SABCS 2021 with new data underscoring ambition to redefine cancer care
Lynparza granted Priority Review in US for BRCA-mutated HER2-negative high-risk early breast cancer
Atrial fibrillation and death are more common during first year after breast cancer diagnosis
Average survival time has doubled for patients with two out of three types of advanced breast cancer in past decade
Advanced breast cancer patients should receive Covid vaccination without delay
Advanced breast cancer patients denied opportunities to join clinical trials
As Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ends, These Facts Are Worth Remembering
Breast Cancer: Where We Are and What’s to Come
Lynparza in combination with abiraterone significantly delayed disease progression in all-comers
Ribociclib added to endocrine therapy extends survival in postmenopausal patients with metastatic breast cancer
First-line CDK 4/6 inhibition reveals overall survival benefit for metastatic breast cancer
HER2-targeting antibody-drug improves progression-free survival for women with deadly form of advanced breast cancer
Ivy Brain Tumor Center announces results from Phase 0/1 clinical trial of ribociclib plus everolimus
UVA Discovery Suggests Potential New Treatment for Deadly Blood Cancer
Response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer
Scientists discover role of lncRNA in regulating Hippo signaling via phase separation
Lynparza approved in China for treatment of BRCA-mutated metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
CDK inhibitors may improve immune therapy effectiveness for recurrent breast cancer
Decoding effect of weight on breast cancer
Targeting drug-resistant breast cancer with estrogen
Landmark PBS medicines listings to provide hope for thousands of Australians
New discovery in breast cancer treatment
Breast cancer medication risk