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A more sensitive way to detect circulating tumor cells
Light-controlled nanomachine controls catalysis
Chemical & Engineering News announces 2020 list of 10 chemistry start-ups to watch
American Chemical Society will meet virtually in
American Chemical Society announces election results for 2021 officers and directors
American Chemical Society and Khalifa University partner to advance open access publishing
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Calcium bursts kill drug-resistant tumor cells
Sticking with chemistry during National Chemistry Week, Oct. 18-24
How to beat spicy pepper heat
A hydrogel that could help repair damaged nerves
New course from ACS Publications provides lessons in reducing spread of viruses
Small molecule targets SARS-CoV-2 RNA for destruction
How does this blue flower tea change color?
Why is West Coast sky orange?
Injectable hydrogel could someday lead to more effective vaccines
New policy will allow authors an easy route to change names on previous publications
Why Lime Juice Burns Your Skin in Sun
ACS Publications announces first transformative ‘read and publish’ agreement with an institution in Asia
Studying viral outbreaks in single cells could reveal new ways to defeat them
Toward a coronavirus breathalyzer test
Pothole repair made eco-friendly using grit from wastewater treatment
Going platinum at nanoscale
Filling Void in Ammonia Synthesis: Role of Nitrogen Vacancies in Catalysts
Negative side effects of opioids could be coming from users’ own immune systems
Talented 12: Chemical & Engineering News announces its 2020 rising stars in chemistry
American Chemical Society partners with PBS and YouTube for new video series
ACS to launch two new journals focusing on agricultural and food science
Kavli Lectures: art of building small and innovating for industrial impact
Disparities in a common air pollutant are visible from space
At C&EN Futures Festival, Aug. 25-26, leading scientists look to discoveries of tomorrow
U.S. team earns four gold medals at 52nd International Chemistry Olympiad
Decreased iron levels in seawater make mussels loosen their grip
Press registration opens for American Chemical Society Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo
American Chemical Society signs transformative open access agreement with Polish Academic Consortium
Quarantine coffee roasting competition: Game on
ACS Publications announces new open science resource center
American Chemical Society journals remain most impactful for chemistry community
American Chemical Society and Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services
You’re using disinfectants wrong. Here’s what you actually need to do
How tear gas affects your body
IOP Publishing joins forces with other publishers to make research publishing more inclusive and diverse
Green chemistry innovations honored by American Chemical Society and EPA
Cellular nanosponges could soak up SARS-CoV-2
U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad competition selects America’s team
American Chemical Society will meet completely virtually