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Path to Net-Zero: Carbon Capture and Storage Could Lead to Ocean
Alice Evans, Pioneer for Women in Microbiology
Low-Temp Ammonia Synthesis with Iron Catalysts and Barium Hydride
RNA-Based Toolkit to Regulate Gene Activity Advances Biotech, Gene Therapy & Regenerative Medicine
Fermented coffee’s fruity aromas demystified
Scientists uncover fruity aromas in fermented coffee
New Obesity Treatment Offers Dramatic Weight Loss without Surgery or Nausea
Tiny materials have huge solar energy applications
Marijuana Compounds May Reverse Opioid Overdoses
New Origami Technique Folds Glass into Shapes
New Sensor Differentiates Covid from Flu in 10 Seconds
Ultrasound Waves Could Remove Microplastics from Waterways
Selective Dye Labels Cancer-Linked Macrophages
New Electrode Helps Remediate Persistent Forever Chemicals
Puff of air could deliver your next vaccine
Human cells help researchers understand squid camouflage
Researchers Use Human Cells to Understand Squid Camouflage
New Vaccine Delivery Method: Puff of Air
Meteorites offer detailed glimpse into outer space
Eureka: New Methods to Measure Curls and Kinks for Easier Natural Hair Care
Colorful Films May Help Buildings and Cars Stay Cool
Video Reveals What Elements Sound Like
Insulin Earns Historic Landmark Status from ACS
What’s Better for Beer: Cans or Bottles?
Scientists enhance recyclability of waste plastic
New Tech Aims to Cut Precious Metal Use in Catalytic Converters
Glow Proteins Aid Virus Diagnosis
Scientists Make Waste Plastic Easier to Recycle
Molecular Self-Assembly of Peptides Link Biology and Tech
Treating Asthma, COPD With Bitter Taste Receptors
Customizing catalysts for solid-state reactions
Diluting Ouzo liquor enhances emulsions
New starchy bioplastic reduces soggy paper straws
4 Tips to Avoid Unwanted Salt Reactions when Boiling Pasta
Research: Toilet Paper Contains PFAS in Wastewater
Alzheimer’s, Other Diseases Treated by Degraded Proteins
Researcher Develops Simple, Affordable HIV Testing Device
Pesticides could be causing tasteless strawberries
Ancient Proteins Shed Light on Earth’s Origins
USC Sustainability Research to Create Real World Change
Chemists Create Catalyst for Renewable Paints, Coatings & Diapers
Color coding aids evaluation of new solar tech materials
New Sensor Can Detect Mercury with Tap (Video)
DNA Damage from Cigarette, Industrial Smoke Mapped
Carrots: Improve Eyesight & Create Degradable Polymers
Carrots: Improve Eyesight & Create Degradable Polymers
Sports Sensors to Curb ‘Bad Calls’ & Aid Players During Practices
Researchers Reveal Molecular Mechanism of Crown Ether Microsolvation Effect on Gas-phase Native-like Protein Structure