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Ames Laboratory earns Historic Chemical Landmark designation
Researchers discover new tools to fight potentially deadly Protozoa that has pregnant women avoiding cat litter boxes
Nontoxic glue for plywood – from glucose, citric acid
Researchers invent chameleon metal that acts like many others
Why they don’t make grade B maple syrup anymore
ACS Central Science awards 2022 Disruptors & Innovators Prize
‘Smart’ diaper for bedside urine testing
New wearable technology – for plants
Not all valved N95 masks are same when filtering exhaled air, study finds
Children’s products labeled water- or stain-resistant may contain PFAS, study says
Big step in hip implants
Sensor makes strides in detecting infection indicators
ACS and Jisc partner to enable open access publishing for researchers across UK
Researchers Unlock Potential Means to Reduce Lithium-Ion Batteries Reliance on Rare Metals
What’s old is new again
Preventing infection with an improved silver coating for medical devices
ACS Publications commits its entire hybrid journal portfolio to become transformative journals
Seeking Energy Frontiers
Toilet to tap – How are we able to safely drink water we’ve flushed?
Nylon cooking bags, plastic-lined cups can release nanoparticles into liquids
American Chemical Society joins U.S. National Academy of Sciences
“Spring-loaded” system pops phosphorus into molecular rings
Midge fly can be source of currently used pesticides for birds, bats
‘greener’ alternative for red-colored smoke
Recent advancements in batteries
Lithium’s narrow paths limit batteries
Rice lab improves recipe for valuable chemical
ANSTO contributes to new understanding of how COVID infects humans
Edible, fluorescent silk tags can suss out fake medications
3D printing smart clothes with new liquid metal-alginate ink
Nanoparticles could enable more sensitive and durable rapid Covid test
Coronaviruses evolve to recognize glycans of their host species
World’s first LED lights developed from rice husks
Understanding Why Carbon Nanotubes Grow
Light, oxygen turn waste plastics into useful benzoic acid
Deep-sea osmolyte finds applications in molecular machines
Covid alters levels of fertility-related proteins in men, study suggests
Earthworms like to eat some plastics, but side effects of their digestion are unclear
Laser light, dye and nonsurgical implant could help overcome obesity
Newly identified neutrophil subset is promising therapeutic target
Treated plastic waste good at grabbing carbon dioxide
Weed-killer compounds also kill parasite sometimes in cat feces
ACS Publications joins other publishers in condemning invasion of Ukraine
Graphene gets enhanced by flashing
Common coronavirus infections don’t generate effective antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
Most face masks don’t expose wearers to harmful levels of PFAS, study says
Common coronavirus infections don’t generate effective antibodies against Covid
Researchers achieve record efficiency for ultra-thin solar panels