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Geneticists Unearth Hidden Whole Genome Duplication Explaining Species Survival
Ancient History of Kissing and Disease Transmission
Mesopotamia hosts humanity’s earliest recorded kiss after 4,500 years
Late Holocene Canoe Populations in Chile’s Magallanes Region Uncovered
Archaeologists Map Hidden NT Landscape of First Australians 60k+ Years Ago
Archaeologists map hidden NT landscape
University of Adelaide subjects rated among world’s best
Humanities and medicine excel in QS Subject Rankings
Twelve of our subjects are ranked in world top 50
UoB Hosts Cybersecurity Research Centre
10-Year Anniversary of National Apology for Forced Adoptions
Durham Theologian to Shape Catholic Church’s Future
Riverland & Murray wineries & cellar doors
Classics Researcher Improves Oracy Skills in UAE
Sydney’s Aboriginal Reserve Honored for Cultural Importance
New exhibition explores displacement in past and present
Sculpture for Eltham Gateway is revealed
Fossil Study Uncovers Early Biodiversity Gradient
Fossil study reveals origins of biodiversity gradient
Asteroids in Solar System Difficult to Destroy: Study
Modern scanning techniques let ancient mummies ‘live’ again
Exploring Earth’s Past: All-Woman Team Sets Out on Antarctic Ice
University academic wins prestigious national book prize for ‘provocative’ analysis of God
New project launched to create digital resources to aid research into one of history’s most iconic eras
Ready to travel overseas again? Japan is perfect in every way
Feline genetics help pinpoint first-ever domestication of cats, University of Missouri study finds
Bacteria use ancient mechanisms to self-repair
Two prominent positions for pioneering academic using ancient languages to inform modern education
Stem cells used to generate mini brains of last male Sumatran rhino
Study reveals how ancient fish colonized deep sea
Research finds how ancient fish colonized deep sea
UK folklorist explains spellbinding history of Halloween
VR helps us experience historical places
Search engine spinout company awarded innovation prize
Durham Book Festival
Study unearths ancient reef structure high and dry on Nullarbor Plain
Prestigious medal awarded to Emeritus Professor for contribution to classical studies and ancient history
Blacktown Council fosters university achievers
Dinosaurs took over amid ice, not warmth, says new study of ancient mass extinction
Long-term liquid water also on non-Earthlike planets?
Sunshine Coast officially becomes UNESCO biosphere
Colourful story of history and connection
Mapping people of past by means of their bones
Wonders Of Ancient Greece Arrive At Melbourne Museum
Study ties present-day Native American tribe to ancestors in San Francisco Bay Area
Students taking GCSE Ancient History worry they appear ‘elitist’ to friends and family
Students taking Ancient History worry appearing ‘elitist’ to family and friends
UNM group designs rock-tapping remote control robot to detect potential slides