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Research: Tiny Animals Steal Antibiotic Recipes from Bacteria
Startup Aims To Flush Away Problem Of Icky Toilet Seats
Tiny Animals Use Stolen Genes To Combat Infections
Small Animals Gain Antibiotic Genes from Bacteria
Nanofibrous Membranes: Precision Aid for Diabetic Wounds
New Method Boosts Development of Antimicrobial Drugs
New Derivative Synthesis Method for Antimicrobial Drugs
Phage Enzyme Tackles E. Faecalis to Ease Graft Disease
Research Finds Arsenic, Lead in Tampons
IIT-EMBL: New Molecules To Modulate Gene Expression
Novel Molecules for Gene Expression Regulation Unveiled
Antibiotic Tax Proposed to Combat Drug Resistance Threat
Seasonal Viruses May Shield Kids from Covid
Unlocking World Of Bacteria
Exploring Unseen World of Bacteria
Hollings Immunologist Earns ACS Grant for Colon Cancer Study
Decoding Bletilla Striata Polysaccharides: CAS Study
Wild Chimps Use Medicinal Plants for Healing, Study Finds
Chimps Use Medicinal Plants for Self-Treatment
Wood Surfaces Possess Potential Antiviral Properties
Future Mortality from Minor Scratches?
WHO Report Details Antibacterials Development Status
Sydney Renews Partnership With University Of Glasgow
Future Looks Sweet For WA Honey
Warwick Scientists Clinch Top Royal Society Chemistry Prizes
Coptis Teeta Wall.: Unveiling Traditional and Pharmacological Uses
Yin Xiaojian's Team Advances Lonicera Genus Bioactive Compound Study
New Lipopeptide Kills Staphylococcus Areus Effectively
Penn Unveils Antibiotics in Microbial Dark Matter via AI
AI Explores Microbial Dark Matter for Antibiotic Discovery
Belgian Consortium Revitalizes Antibiotics With Phage Therapy
Triple Antibiotic Combo Breakthrough Battles Resistance
Multi-purpose Mucus
Animals' Millennia-Old Plant Self-Medication Observed by Humans
Velcro Antibiotic Traps Bacteria in Sticky Predicament
Revolutionary Stainless Steel Capable of Eradicating Bacteria 23 May
Revolutionary Stainless Steel Capable of Eradicating Bacteria
How Beeswax Could Help Families In Warzones
Exeter Secures £3.4M Global Fund to Battle Antifungal Resistance
Triple Drug Mix Fights Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: Oxford
Zoology: Wild Animal Uses Medicinal Plant for Wound Care
Improved Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments Needed for Women
Orangutan Treats Wound With Pain-relieving Plant
Bacteria Produce Potential Antibiotic Alternative
Experts Craft Therapies Boosting Immunity Against Tuberculosis
Antimicrobial Agents Of Future
Soil Bacteria Reveals New Antimicrobial Class
Silver Micromotors Destroy Free-Roaming Bacteria in Water