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Researchers may have found new biomarker for acute Covid
Scientists may have found new biomarker for acute Covid
Thick and sticky bacteria are more resistant to antibiotics, leading to high patient mortality
Peptidic Supramolecular Assemblies Enhance Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer
Inspired by nature: Silencing bacteria
Deadly piston pump: how colonization factor is secreted by bacterial type 4 pili
Collaborative team at IGB discovers new natural products at unprecedented speed
How colonization factor is secreted by bacterial type 4 pili
Women and girls among those most impacted by Haiti’s multiple crises
Are all types of sugar same?
New compound that destroys MRSA superbug
New laser surface modification process with silver provides antimicrobial defense to titanium orthopedic devices
Zinc could treat rare genetic disorder
NIH-supported clinical trial of phage therapy for cystic fibrosis begins
Scientists inhibit cancer cell growth using compounds that protect plants from predators
Metal shows its steel against fungal infections
Fighting fungal infections with metals
Fighting Foodborne Pathogens with Natural Antimicrobials
New Study Reveals How Escherichia coli Cells Evade Antibacterial Treatment
Honey has sweet potential for wound healing, argue scientists
Why you should pay attention to fly vomit
Analyzing potential of AlphaFold in drug discovery
Researchers Find Novel “Nano Killers” for Sterilization and Antifouling
Treating antibiotic-resistant infections with peptides inspired by human saliva
Durable coating kills COVID virus, other germs in minutes
Nanorods overcome tigecycline resistance of Klebsiella pneumonia
Common ingredient in household products could be contributing to antibiotic resistance
Novel leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinase MRK1 regulates resistance to multiple stresses in tomato
New UBC copper coating could be next superbug fighter
Could cyber designs deliver potent dual-action antibiotics?
New findings may reduce risk of infection for patients with urinary catheters
Anti-bacterial liaison
Scientists lift veil on stubborn probiotic
Researchers Propose New Strategy for Prevention and Treatment of Dental Caries
Tips to avoid spreading stomach bug
Toxins locked inside capsule secured by cork
Ribosomally derived lipopeptides containing distinct fatty acyl moieties
New Coating Strategy Improves Performance of Neural Electrodes
New defence against superbugs